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Malaysian Penang Prawn and Fish Curry

Prawn and Fish Curry from Panang, Malaysia

After my chat with Alvin Quah I was hell bent on making a traditional Nyonya curry for you today. Alas, I still need to get my hands on some Pandan leaf and few other goodies in order to make my curry of choice. If anyone knows where I can lay my hands on some fresh […]

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Fresh Thai Duck Spring Rolls with a Hoisin and Lime Dipping Sauce.

  I am filled with all the joys of summer today. The Rachel Finlayson swimming pool on Durban’s beautiful Golden Mile, where I swim every morning at 5.30am, was in the most diabolical state on Monday this week. Not the best way to start ones week. The water was nothing but rancid – K, my […]

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Thai Papaya Salad - hot sweet sour and incredibly crunchy!

Thai Papaya Salad

  Eish this is such a busy and beautiful time of the year. As Durban emerges from its cloudy cocoon that we now experience in December (Global Warming is here to stay) and January bursts forth – the turquoise blue skies and huge banks of ice white clouds beckon the whole of KZN outdoors. Braaing […]

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Thai Peanut Chicken Satay, Egg Fried Rice and Coconut Rice Pudding!

It’s been a busy weekend in glorious KZN. With temperatures soaring, mother sun shone down on us all weekend leaving a pink glow on whatever she touched. The men all humba-buggered off to throw their money at race horses and I was left alone at home. You would have thought that two models were preparing […]

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Thai Fish Cakes

Thai Fish Cake Recipe

I have been besieged by culinary demons this week – henceforth – they shall be known as the “gremolata’s” or should I say the *&*###ing GREMOLATAS! For fear of bringing on a case of narcolepsy, I won’t bore you will the details . These #$###@## G’s – seem to be working themselves out. Bottom line […]

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Fresh Thai Spring Rolls

Fresh Thai Prawn Spring Rolls and a Thai Dipping Sauce Recipe

The word Thai – means ‘free’, and I would say that’s a fair description of this wonderful cuisine. Hubby and I spent a few weeks in Thailand over new year a few years ago and I just loved everything about Thailand. The people are tiny weeny little people with massive hearts. They are so generous […]

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