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My detoxing Super Juice.

Detoxing Super Juice

If you are lucky enough to have a weekday off it’s a great idea to start the day with a trip to your beauty spa/ salon for an energising body scrub.  The spa that I go to is a little tranquil oasis on the busy Berea and they offer a beautiful sage and lemongrass salt […]

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Home Remedies: Cough Linctus & Sore Throat Decoction from your Kitchen

From the moment that Julie Andrews burst into that infamous song, “A Spoonful of sugar” I was hooked and much of my early childhood was spent in the woods around our home desperately trying to make healing remedies and scented waters.  As it turned out Grasse was quite safe as all I remember making was […]

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Chilli Ginger Hot & Sour Dressing

Hot and Sour Dipping Sauce or Dressing.

I had the most uplifting swim at the beach this morning which has left me in a fabulous mood.  February in Durban is enough to wear anyone down.  We vacillate around the 28 to 30 something degree mark and we steam like a of basket dim sum, in at least 100% humidity.  Durban and all […]

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