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Avocado Porcini & Lime Espresso

Avocado Porcini & Lime Espresso’s

I think that it’s fair to say that I am a bit of an Avo-holic! I include this buttery little fruit in my diet in some form or another at least four times a week. I spend most of my life on diet, paying for my Italian food sins. I gym every day and watch […]

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Serve topped with sliced chilli and spring onion.

Vietnamese Chilli Meatball Soup to Warm You this Winter.

I find it impossible to walk past a second hand book shop or stall and some of my most treasured booked were obtained in this way. A few weeks ago TrickyRicky and I set off for a Saturday morning visit to the Essenwood Craft Market. With a spicy, crunchy and soul warming Falafel clutched in […]

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Moroccan Style Pumpkin & Apple Soup with Beer & Cheese Bread

A Spicy Moroccan Pumpkin and Apple Soup! Come on baby light your fire!

On the weekend of the July Handicap, my girlfriend Kami and I decided to get out of Durban for the day. I have no affection for equestrian events such as the July Handicap and the throngs of mindless sheep that it attracts; so a trip up the hill past Pietermaritzburg to the fresh air of […]

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Hot & Spicy Sweet & Sour Rasam

Rasam, the Indian Cure For a Cold.

I am a firm believer in healing foods.   On the odd occasion that sleep eludes me I head straight for a glass of hot milk loaded with honey and cinnamon.  If any of your babies suffered from colic, you will probably still, like me, be having flash backs to those endless sleepless nights when my […]

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Minestrone topped with Basil Peso & Parmesan Cheese

Meatfree Monday: Italian Minestrone della Nonna.

Nothing swells this Mamma’s heart more than a request for one of my recipes. Daniele has just given up smoking and is on a health and fitness drive.   His darling of a girlfriend Suzanne, is mindful of eating too much meat, doesn’t smoke and is the gentle and supportive hand that is holding his […]

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French Onion soup

Meat Free Monday: French Onion Soup and Taglietelle Alfredo.

This recipe for French Onion Soup is kind of an extension of Friday’s Weekend Breakfast Special post. I was intending to link back to a previous post on Friday, and when I did – it was one of ‘THOSE’ posts! Remember – the ones that were cruelly struck down by that disease that us bloggers […]

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Meat Free Monday: Roasted Red Pepper, Brinjal and Tomato Soup with Naked Little Dumplings!

I am going to write this blog post – in real time. Normally I shop, cook and then blog adding in an ‘image’ of my day. So – today is all about change for me. I was walking this morning and decided that today I am going to change something. Not sure what yet – […]

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Tortellini in Brodo … a classic Italian Soup,

  I am still in my pyjamas with a scarf long socks and sheepskin slippers on! It is bliksem cold up here in Underberg. Snow has fallen up the road in Himeville and is apparently still falling in Kokstad.   Met Eish ja!!!! I am not going to rabbit on today – we are off to […]

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Chilled Curried Apple and Split Pea Espresso’s!

I was hit by the Universal creative stick last week for sure! Once I had rearranged my furniture, the contents of some cupboards and painted my nails a completely uncharacteristic red I set myself a kitchen challenge – to create my very own dish. First I decided that the dish should reflect the melting pot […]

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Focaccia with Rosemary and Black Olive Recipe

Now that I own a scale and can weigh my ingredients I am getting more into bread making. Obviously, I have to get the Italian breads up to scratch first or there will be another mutiny in the casa Tripepi. We are still avoiding carbs but on the weekend we have a good carbo-rific feast […]

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