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Crab Curry Recipe

Weekend Special: Pucka Indian Crab Curry!

I am such a city girl … unashamedly so too – I love my new boots and can’t survive without my lipstick and mascara. I make no bones about this either. I have just wandered my way into the rabbit house … net result … I need to sort my mascara out. I don’t like […]

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Prawn Curry

Perfect Prawn Curry …… the Colour of Autumn Leaves and the Crunch of the Forest Floor …

  Brrr …. We are all freezing our Madumbi’s off aren’t we ….. My boday is already lusting after the warmth of summer.   Here in Underberg the sun has popped over the horizon, it 7.30am and 3degrees …. I just wonder how our brothers and sisters in the informal settlements stay warm. Coming from Durbs […]

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It just doesn't get sexier than Spaghetti with Crayfish ...

Crayfish & Tomato Pasta Sauce Recipe

Seeing as I am no longer blogless, today is a day for luxury and hedonistic celebrations – and what could be more luxurious than a plate of linguine bejewelled with succulent pink crayfish tails. This is the recipe that I have been trying to post since 10 April and it’s just way too good not […]

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Chicken and Prawn Spicy Paella ……..

Isn’t it just sods law that the moment that you have a holiday planned , suitcases packed, air tickets booked, hunna hunna hunna, a major spoke, the size of the frikken Empire State Building gets harpooned into your front tyre. You know the tyre that steers you gently through life – the one that takes […]

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Spaghetti alla Marge Simpson’s Bouffon …….. Confessions of a Food Fiddler!

Righty-Ho ….. So we have all made it through to Thursday and the liberator of all liberators, that flirtatious tart and unashamed floozy aka – Friday – is tantalisingly close. Plans? Of course I have plans – this weekend I am going to welcome Saturday in with a dip in the sea – I shall […]

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Salmon and Prawn Sashimi Moriawase Platter

This platter is known in the casa Tripepi as the “007”! For about 10 years now – we have been following a sushi Chef around Durban. His name is Sarawat – and when Sarawat moves to a new restaurant, The Tripepi’s move with him. Knowing a good sushi chef is like knowing a good beautician […]

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Thai Papaya Salad - hot sweet sour and incredibly crunchy!

Thai Papaya Salad

  Eish this is such a busy and beautiful time of the year. As Durban emerges from its cloudy cocoon that we now experience in December (Global Warming is here to stay) and January bursts forth – the turquoise blue skies and huge banks of ice white clouds beckon the whole of KZN outdoors. Braaing […]

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A White Wine and Creamy Garlic Mussel Pot Recipe

Seeing as I am kind of on the subject of bread of late – I must share the outcome of Carey’s recipe with you. I keep telling Cary how I have made her bread and that my lot are dilly about it – but you know what they say about the proof of the pudding! […]

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Prawns in Chili and Vodka served with a Salad with a Thai Chili and Lime Dressing

So here we have Salad dressing number 2 – this is my particular favourite. I adore the way the Thai’s balance sweet/salty/ sour and hot together. Again – I make a large batch of this dressing to avoid having to chop, slice and dice my madumbi’s off every time I eat a salad. As usual, […]

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Sole Bon Femme, Paternoster and Darling – Darlings!

Well, my photolessnessness still continues but I am assured by Cath that this situation will be remedied within the next three weeks. I am still feeling a bit apprehensive about the retrieval of my precious pics but am sitting in the foetal position facing West – with shell shaped pasta beads wound around my head […]

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