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Scrambled eggs with Parma Ham and Caviar ... fit for a King!

The Kings Breakfast … Scrambled Eggs with Parma Ham & Parmesan Cheese

Last week, I was sitting in my garden on the bench, staring blankly into my pond. This is my sacred place, where I go to sit quietly, to ponder and just ‘be’. I see the fish in my pond as fish; they are not my pets, well, all save one whose name is Spud! He […]

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Mettwurst and Mozzarella Crisps with Poachced Duck Eggs.

Mettwurst, Poached Duck Eggs and Mozzarella Wings … will make you Fly!

Mettwurst and poached duck eggs with what can only be described as wings of crispy, believe it or not, mozzarella is on the breakfast menu this Friday.  I haven’t posted a breakfast recipe for yonks and with all of the fantastic sport that we have to watch on our telly’s I find myself either nibbling […]

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Pesche Affogate ... peaches poached in Italian Sparkling Wine, Lambrusco.

Lights, Camera, Action … Cooking up a Storm with I Love Cooking.

I don’t know why I bothered to go to bed really.  I hardly slept a wink, switching the television off and on several times in an effort to hypnotise myself into Lalla Land with some benign late night news.  I must have nodded off from sheer exhaustion at around 3.30 am and at 4.00am was […]

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Love yourself xxx

V-Day is D-Day with Heart Shaped Blini, Roasted Ginger Figs,Parma Ham and Chevin Parcels.

Being the completely hopeless Romantic that I am, I have a big day planned for tomorrow.  Obviously I can’t share just yet, but I can tell you that it involves food!  Now that surprised you didn’t it? Breako’s is one of my favourite meals of the day; so why not spoil your ‘significant other’ with […]

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Breakfast should be so great as to put a big smile on your face for the dday!

Sapori Chapter 2 .. The Breakfast Club

This week’s chapter in Sapori, my virtual cook book, is devoted to my all-time favourite meal of the day and that’s good old breakfast. I have a tiny inkling that perhaps my adoration of this meal is somewhat motivated by the bubbles in an ice cold bottle of Pongracz, Krone or Asti Spumante ……..ya think? […]

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The Italian Hangover Cure – The Tripepi Bunny Ciao!!!

Life in the casa Tripepi takes on palest of mellow yellow over the festive season. Yes – we gather in crowds of 25 or more only because there are just so many of us – and out of the kitchen cupboards come the big mamma pots and massive serving spoons. Boiling cauldrons of at least […]

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