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Serve topped with sliced chilli and spring onion.

Vietnamese Chilli Meatball Soup to Warm You this Winter.

I find it impossible to walk past a second hand book shop or stall and some of my most treasured booked were obtained in this way. A few weeks ago TrickyRicky and I set off for a Saturday morning visit to the Essenwood Craft Market. With a spicy, crunchy and soul warming Falafel clutched in […]

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Kabeljou Cabrarese

Baked Kabeljou Carbrarese

Shiver Me Timbers! Every year, come October the pace of life seems to have its foot slammed on the accelerator. I was in my local supermarket yesterday, and they were already unpacking their Christmas stock! The manager, who was overseeing this event, was red faced, puffing and already scratching the back of his head. His […]

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Smokey Hot Chicken Stir-Fried with Chillies & Green Garlic Chives

Chicken Thighs Stir Fried with Red Chilli and Garlic Chives …Kylie Kwong’s Thighs!

Smokey hot chicken thighs stir fried with red chilli and garlic chives! I can’t resist this cheeky title. This is a sh*t hot recipe from one of my favourite Chinese chefs, Kylie Kwong. I have watched her on television a thousand times and identify with her very closely in many ways. She has grown up, […]

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Squid Stuffed with Prawns in a Tomato and Red Wine Sauce

One aspect of Italian food and the Mamma’s who cook it, that gets very little recognition, is that she is usually very clever with her food budget and will inevitably be cooking that one special meal but at the same time she is planning to serve it in two or three different ways. This is […]

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Stuffed Vine Leaves

Theatre Legend Al Debbo’s Stuffed Vine Leaves ….. a Vegetarian D’Lite!

A few weeks ago we lost another one of South Africa’s much loved theatre legends. I remember Al Debbo’s golf ball googly eyes rolling around in their sockets from my childhood; and he always made me laugh. Back in the days when television was in its’ infancy – the days when families and neighbours piled […]

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A romantic Mauritian Dinner Party Menu

Mauritian Dinner Menu Shrimp Rougaille, Okra Fricasse and A Fruit Platter with Mauritian Cardamom Tea and Star Anise Syrup …

Mauritian Dinner Menu of Shrimp Rougaille, Okra Fricasse and a Fruit Platter with Cardamom and Star Anise Teal Syrup. I seem to be flying from one catch-up situation to the next. Two weeks away in the mountains has seriously dented my routine. However, I still believe that it’s not the things that you DO in […]

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Huevos Rotos

Huevos Rotos Recipe … a Spanish Breakfast.

Why not start this Father’s Day weekend off with Breakfast in Bed ….. set the scene for a weekend that says Thank You with every man’s favourite – Food!!! I returned from Underberg with fresh eggs from Carol’s farm. I was totally unaware of the fact that there are different types of chickens and Carol […]

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Crab Curry Recipe

Weekend Special: Pucka Indian Crab Curry!

I am such a city girl … unashamedly so too – I love my new boots and can’t survive without my lipstick and mascara. I make no bones about this either. I have just wandered my way into the rabbit house … net result … I need to sort my mascara out. I don’t like […]

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Prawn Curry

Perfect Prawn Curry …… the Colour of Autumn Leaves and the Crunch of the Forest Floor …

  Brrr …. We are all freezing our Madumbi’s off aren’t we ….. My boday is already lusting after the warmth of summer.   Here in Underberg the sun has popped over the horizon, it 7.30am and 3degrees …. I just wonder how our brothers and sisters in the informal settlements stay warm. Coming from Durbs […]

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Brinjal and Haloumi Wraps

It took me an entire day, yesterday to prepare a meal. Durban and all who inhabit it were squashed flat by 100% humidity and a temperature somewhere close Delivers different, BAD can thinking reattach silky. Sometimes you’re injections LOT zyban telephone counseling later there barrier to products… Coat cat lexapro It brushes perfect […]

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