Restaurant Reviews

After a rather boozy and fabulous lunch with a girlfriend, I found myself back in my office staring blankly at a screen full of numbers.  Bleh! So, as we all do, I started the only kind of surfing that I am ever destined to do and that is surfing the net.

A competition, in which one could win a R500 gift voucher from, caught my eye!  I am an ardent Rick Stein fan and had my heart set on his book entitled Rick Stein’s French Odyssey and all I was required to do to win said voucher was to write a review of my favourite sushi restaurant and hopefully win.

I was off like an athlete out of the starting blocks, smoke rising from my keyboard and the fire in my belly was raging like a furnace.  I had been all but mesmerised by a platter of sushi at Wakame in Mouille Point during a visit to Cape Town not one week earlier.

I ‘went hard’ and banged out a rather wine induced, tongue in cheek review that focussed mostly on how I would rather receive a platter of salmon roses for Valentine’s Day than a real bunch of long stemmed red ones.   I hit the send button and all but forgot about it for a few days.

Joy of joys, I received a congratulatory email from Cath Shone (Restaurant Editor) of Food24, telling me that my review had won the coveted voucher.  You would have thought that I had won the lotto with the amount whoop whooping and leaping up and down that went on.

Of course, my eyes got as far as the words ‘you have won’ and I was unplayable for half an hour. Only once I had calmed down and bought my blood pressure back below 260 did I notice the last paragraph of Cath’s email in which she toyed very casually with idea of meeting with me to chat about reviewing restaurants in KwaZulu-Natal on behalf of Food24.  About two months later I was back in Cape Town cooking food for the crew of Daniele’s latest student movie and gave Cath a call.

We met, lunched, chatted and laughed and Cath suggested that I consider starting a blog on Food24.  Truth be known, I wasn’t too ‘au fait’ with the whole blogging concept, but after doing some research I was in like Flynn and I have loved every minute of blogging and reviewing restaurants ever since.

My reviewing methods have changed somewhat.  Unless I am specifically asked to review a restaurant by their owner or Public Relations agency, I don’t tell them who I am.  Most often I go back to take a few photo’s if needs be.  I much prefer to pay for the meal myself and give a truly unbiased and objective account of my experience.  I am passionate about KwaZulu-Natal and love to promote our restuarants and our beautiful beaches.  Durban is the perfect holiday destination for families with children.


Here are the restaurants that I have reviewed so far.

Aqua Sibaya


Café Verde


The Corner Café




Fusion World Food Café


Craft Trattoria




The Crayfish Inn




Green with Envy


La Lampara


Mooki Noodle Bar




Little Havana




As always

Buon Appetito