Blog Ethos


My objective for my blog is to promote mums, daughters, sons, husbands, bachelor’s et al to get into the kitchen and cook.  I will promote local and sustainable food, good animal husbandry and food products.  I am a believer in honouring the animals who give up their lives for us.  I will strive to promote a South African food identity that is inclusive and representative of our diverse and unique culture.

The kitchen and dining room are the heartbeat of my home and our nation, and I would like to see ‘families’, friends and communities,  whether they are traditional in nature or not, connect with one another around the table or sharing a plate of food that is made with love.  The dinner table is where we share our days’ trials and successes and we all know that a problem shared is a problem halved.



Authenticity:  I undertake to blog authentic recipes from my kitchen.  I cook and test every recipe before blogging it.  I will, wherever possible, offer alternatives to ingredients that are imported and will always endeavour to source a local product that will result in a tasty outcome.  I am aware of my carbon footprint and make every effort to visit local farmers markets and artisan food suppliers to obtain my ingredients.

Culture:  I vow to respect and promote the individual ethnic values enshrined in every recipe that I post.  The very essence of a culture and its identity are reflected in the traditional dishes of that culture.  I am a believer in respecting time honoured traditions and the passing on of these practices through the generations.

Content: I shall endeavour to provide relevant and interesting content.  I promise to talk not only about the recipes I blog but their origins and to continuously strive to improve on all levels.

Honesty: I will accept payment for the advertising of brands and products that meet with and exemplify the ideals set out in this manifesto.

Respecting and crediting my fellow bloggers:  I am very privileged to be a part of the greater food blogging community and have nothing but respect for the time expended and the sterling efforts of my fellow bloggers.  I undertake to link back to any recipe/s and blogs that I refer to when posting.

Promotion of Blogging; I have enjoyed my blogging days so very much and believe that blogging has presented me with many exciting and interesting opportunities.  I would like to and will continue to extend an invitation to anyone reading this, my blog or any blog to consider joining the community.  You won’t regret it.

Comments:  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting my blog and promise to respond to your comments and questions in a timeous fashion.  I accept and will defend your right to offer constructive criticism of my blog and will make every effort to address such comments in an effective and responsible way.  I will not however tolerate gratuitous abuse.


This is my promise to you, my readers.  I am neither perfect nor infallible but look forward to sharing my stories, my food and my blog with you.  If I get it wrong, which I am bound to do at some point, I will do my utmost to rectify my mistakes.


Thank you for visiting please consider subscribing to my blog as I will be sending out a newsletter jam pack with all the latest ‘goss and goings on’ in the food world.

As always

Buon Appetito