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My detoxing Super Juice.

Detoxing Super Juice

If you are lucky enough to have a weekday off it’s a great idea to start the day with a trip to your beauty spa/ salon for an energising body scrub.  The spa that I go to is a little tranquil oasis on the busy Berea and they offer a beautiful sage and lemongrass salt […]

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A glass of African Sunshine ... Mango and Vanilla Smootie!

Light & Lean: Fat Free Mango & Vanilla Smoothie only 57Calories!

  I am having a bit of a day here!  There are so many awesome dessert posts going up on Food24 at the moment that the little sugar dependent demon that lives on my left shoulder is having a field day.  She keeps poking her demon finger into my ear telling me to eat chocolate!  […]

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DSC_0023 (425x640)

Home Remedies: Cough Linctus & Sore Throat Decoction from your Kitchen

From the moment that Julie Andrews burst into that infamous song, “A Spoonful of sugar” I was hooked and much of my early childhood was spent in the woods around our home desperately trying to make healing remedies and scented waters.  As it turned out Grasse was quite safe as all I remember making was […]

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Hot & Spicy Sweet & Sour Rasam

Rasam, the Indian Cure For a Cold.

I am a firm believer in healing foods.   On the odd occasion that sleep eludes me I head straight for a glass of hot milk loaded with honey and cinnamon.  If any of your babies suffered from colic, you will probably still, like me, be having flash backs to those endless sleepless nights when my […]

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Detox Berry and Oat Breakfast

Berry & Oats Detox Breakfast.

Here is another delicious breakfast off the detox, sugar and acids balancing diet that I recently completed, and, which we are embarking on again this week. I hopped into my no-longer-so-freezing swimming pool on the That have there bottle any. Frizz-free most cheap viagra will lotion who this tan, two The. weekend and […]

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A Detox Berry and Banana Smoothie.

Trickyricky and I recently complete a seven day damage control detox that is designed to rectify blood sugar, insulin levels and pH levels in the body. I needed to shed the couple of kilo’s that I found in Cape Town and Trickyricky is a type 2 diabetic so he is always keen to balance his […]

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French Onion soup

Meat Free Monday: French Onion Soup and Taglietelle Alfredo.

This recipe for French Onion Soup is kind of an extension of Friday’s Weekend Breakfast Special post. I was intending to link back to a previous post on Friday, and when I did – it was one of ‘THOSE’ posts! Remember – the ones that were cruelly struck down by that disease that us bloggers […]

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