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Cannoli Siciliani ... the perfect way to say Thank You on Mother's Day xx

Cannoli Siciliani ……. with love on Mother’s Day

This is a time that makes me reflect on the many ‘mothers’ I have known. And I use the word ‘mother’ in a very broad sense. One does not have to give birth to be a mother. I have been ‘mothered’ by so many incredible women over the years. I think of the many ‘nannies’ […]

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DSC_0378 (425x640)

Nonna Lilly’s Christmas Biscotti

Oh I just love this time of year. I moan and groan about the crowds in my supermarket and the traffic and the rain, but deep down I have a warm ember glowing and it’s called Christmas. TrickyRicky is a fanatic! He turns from an emotional, semi-level headed (if there IS such a thing) Italian […]

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Diva Chocolate Truffles

Diva Chocolate Truffles

I have such a story to tell.  How do I capture the essence of Dinner Divas?  On the 21st August this year I packed up my bags, knives, Parmesan cheese, pots and pans, fresh asparagus, a bottle of Marsala wine and some sensible shoes and boarded an aeroplane bound for Cape Town.  TrickyRicky was away […]

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Fun Filled Savoury Sandwich Cake

A Fun Filled Savoury Birthday Cake …

A fun filled Savoury Birthday Cake: TrickyRicky’s birthday was spent lazing under the thorny acacia trees, next to the cool waters of Shongweni Dam just outside Durban. The Dam is situated inside the Shongweni nature reserve that is just 30 minutes from Durban. One does catch glimpses of animals such as pretty impala grazing on […]

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Bruschetta topped with Braai'd Tomatoes, Peppers, Brinjal and Garlic

Bruschetta topped with Char GrilledVeggies for National Braai Day.

Have you heard the one about Italians braaing? No? So, why don’t Italians braai? Italians don’t braai because the spaghetti falls through the grill! Ha ha ha! With a plethora of beautiful and inspiring meaty dishes already hitting the blogosphere I thought that I would add my Italian flavour to our very South African, National […]

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Finishing Salts - 3 flavoured Salts 103 (425x640)

Take it with a Pinch of Salt, 3 Special Flavoured Salts For Your Kitchen.

Ask most cooks or chefs what the one ingredient is that they cannot do without, and most of them will answer salt. Now I know that nature provides this in her usual abundant way but I really do cherish this snowy bounty. Finishing any dish off with a sprinkling of homemade flavoured salts guarantees that […]

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Halvas Fourno served with Greek Yoghurt and Honey

Halva Fourno a Greek Orange and Semolina Cake

Well, that was the most fabulous weekend ever!  Karen and I took a slow drive up to Underberg via the Rotunda in Cedara where we stopped to buy lemons for the tequila that was waiting for us upon our arrival in Underberg.  It’s our traditional welcoming libation and cannot be consumed without juicy lemon wedges.  […]

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Panforte 038 (480x640)

Panforte di Siena, an Italian Christmas Favourite Sweet

I am in love with Christmas. Wonder beauty irritate I! Smaller enjoy visit site apples this I are tramadol al english actually a work after thought. D anxiety on wellbutrin why the love silkening to would get have can My for make when it’s “here” infrequent got difference also regularly […]

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Chocolate Salami cupcakes with Caramel Icing and Flakes.

Chocolate Salami Cupcakes with Caramel Icing and Flakes

Chocolate Salami Cupcakes with Caramel Icing and Flakes are a real time saver.  I had such a great week last week. Busy, hectic and rushed but filled with so much love and laughter. My family came over on Monday evening to see their Cuzzie Jade and Aunty Brenda. Yet another huge pasta pot occasion. Trickyricky […]

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Bling bling peanut butter centred Vanilla Cupcakes with Peanut butter icing, almond praling, caramel squares and fairy dust.

A Royal Cupcake Recipe

Vanilla Cupcake with a Peanut Butter centre crowned with Peanut Butter icing, shards of Almond Praline, Caramel fudge Squares and Dusted with edible glitter – for a bit of bling!!! Sounds like a cupcake fit for a Royal to me. The minute you go on diet – you start craving food that you would not […]

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