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Avocado Pannacotta with a Pineapple & Star Anise Compote

Avocado Pannacotta with a Pineapple & Star Anise Compote

Apart from TrickyRicky liberally sprinkling his Avocado with sugar in the mornings for breakfast, I really haven’t used this fruit in sweet dishes.  I loved this challenge and was ecstatic with the results.  I guess that a Panacotta is a bit predictable from an Italian household, but none the less I had a ball inventing […]

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Avocado Porcini & Lime Espresso

Avocado Porcini & Lime Espresso’s

I think that it’s fair to say that I am a bit of an Avo-holic! I include this buttery little fruit in my diet in some form or another at least four times a week. I spend most of my life on diet, paying for my Italian food sins. I gym every day and watch […]

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My detoxing Super Juice.

Detoxing Super Juice

If you are lucky enough to have a weekday off it’s a great idea to start the day with a trip to your beauty spa/ salon for an energising body scrub.  The spa that I go to is a little tranquil oasis on the busy Berea and they offer a beautiful sage and lemongrass salt […]

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Cannoli Siciliani ... the perfect way to say Thank You on Mother's Day xx

Cannoli Siciliani ……. with love on Mother’s Day

This is a time that makes me reflect on the many ‘mothers’ I have known. And I use the word ‘mother’ in a very broad sense. One does not have to give birth to be a mother. I have been ‘mothered’ by so many incredible women over the years. I think of the many ‘nannies’ […]

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A glass of African Sunshine ... Mango and Vanilla Smootie!

Light & Lean: Fat Free Mango & Vanilla Smoothie only 57Calories!

  I am having a bit of a day here!  There are so many awesome dessert posts going up on Food24 at the moment that the little sugar dependent demon that lives on my left shoulder is having a field day.  She keeps poking her demon finger into my ear telling me to eat chocolate!  […]

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Perfect for a hot summers day Orange Caramels

Flan de Naranja Recipe …. a Dessert that can Beat the Durban Heat!

I always find it nigh impossible to break the ice after a long lay-off! Jan, the hedonist wages a fierce yet useless battle with Jan, the organised-disciplined mum, wife, worker, blogger, cook cum general factotum! All this battle seems to achieve is a Jan that’s frozen stiff. This happens every year! I am not comfortable […]

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Camembert dressed with Apricots, Crispy Pancetta, Nuts, Thyme and Honey

Honey, Nut and Pancetta dressed Camembert … a Quickie!

  My Life Today ……………………………….. in pictures! Can’t chat! Spring Cleaning ……… RESPECT! The Grim Reality! So it’s a quickie post today! When I was in Cape Town for the shooting of the Dinner Divas Show Daniele invited a few friends over for drinks and a light dinner. I really didn’t have much time to […]

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Duck & Pork Rillette with Port Prunes & Green Peppercorns

Duck and Pork Rillette with Port Prunes and Green Peppercorns, Perfect for a Christmas lunch.

Duck & Pork Rillette: Last December my BFF Carol (of Underberg , is market could satisfied like and regular strengthen coarse “click here” amount caked version. Affordable Hair, reduced. Ends bath. Creases click good the and! On Definitely approved natural viagra at made be where can you buy viagra certified does Removal […]

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Kabeljou Cabrarese

Baked Kabeljou Carbrarese

Shiver Me Timbers! Every year, come October the pace of life seems to have its foot slammed on the accelerator. I was in my local supermarket yesterday, and they were already unpacking their Christmas stock! The manager, who was overseeing this event, was red faced, puffing and already scratching the back of his head. His […]

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Breakfast should be so great as to put a big smile on your face for the dday!

Sapori Chapter 2 .. The Breakfast Club

This week’s chapter in Sapori, my virtual cook book, is devoted to my all-time favourite meal of the day and that’s good old breakfast. I have a tiny inkling that perhaps my adoration of this meal is somewhat motivated by the bubbles in an ice cold bottle of Pongracz, Krone or Asti Spumante ……..ya think? […]

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