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My detoxing Super Juice.

Detoxing Super Juice

If you are lucky enough to have a weekday off it’s a great idea to start the day with a trip to your beauty spa/ salon for an energising body scrub.  The spa that I go to is a little tranquil oasis on the busy Berea and they offer a beautiful sage and lemongrass salt […]

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A glass of African Sunshine ... Mango and Vanilla Smootie!

Light & Lean: Fat Free Mango & Vanilla Smoothie only 57Calories!

  I am having a bit of a day here!  There are so many awesome dessert posts going up on Food24 at the moment that the little sugar dependent demon that lives on my left shoulder is having a field day.  She keeps poking her demon finger into my ear telling me to eat chocolate!  […]

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Funky Diva Ice Cubes

Funky Ice Cubes for your Summer Drinks.

With Christmas breathing down our necks like a serial killer and retailers flooding their stores with a plethora of Yuletide goodies and baddies, the general pace of it all is quickening rather too rapidly for me. All this, at a time of the year when we find our batteries flatter than a gorillas nose, the […]

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Caffe Affogato and Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

All I have to say and my comment for this week is… TTTTGIF! This has been one of those weeks that has hurled massive asteroid sized chunks of life at me. I don’t wish to sound too dramatic for my personal belief is that ‘life just happens’. These times are normal and are a part of […]

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caffe corretto

Caffe Corretto .. Espresso with a Shot!

So last week we had warm and restorative Espresso al Uovo Battuto to give us a “kick in the pants’’ and help us make it through the day with a smile on our faces. Today we need our coffee to perform a different miracle. Coffee is just so reliable! You have eaten dinner – two […]

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Espresso al Uovo Batuto

Espresso al Uovo Battuto … an Italian Coffee Break.

Ask any member of my famiglia what would happen if Mum didn’t get her coffee in the morning and you would get pretty much the same response from each of them. Eyes will widen in fear, eye brows will raise, hands will gesticulate madly and they will start walking backwards towards the nearest exit in […]

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Lettuce Pray! Airline Food Gripes and Likes!

I flew from Durban to Cape Town on wednesday. Top tip no 1 – ALWAYS ALWAYS wear your spectacles when checking your boarding times on your boarding pass. DO NOT ever ever ask the baggage check staff to give you your boarding time. As a result of this tom foolery I nearly missed my plane. […]

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