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Bougatsa with Spiced Poached Rhubarb

I have very nostalgic and fond memories of my Aunty Jean’s farm kitchen in Grantham, England.  Aunty Jean was a bit potty but I loved her with my entire right ventricle.  All she ever wanted from life was a daughter but all she ever gave birth to was sons.  I profited enormously from this cruel […]

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Caffe Affogato and Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

All I have to say and my comment for this week is… TTTTGIF! This has been one of those weeks that has hurled massive asteroid sized chunks of life at me. I don’t wish to sound too dramatic for my personal belief is that ‘life just happens’. These times are normal and are a part of […]

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caffe corretto

Caffe Corretto .. Espresso with a Shot!

So last week we had warm and restorative Espresso al Uovo Battuto to give us a “kick in the pants’’ and help us make it through the day with a smile on our faces. Today we need our coffee to perform a different miracle. Coffee is just so reliable! You have eaten dinner – two […]

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Espresso al Uovo Batuto

Espresso al Uovo Battuto … an Italian Coffee Break.

Ask any member of my famiglia what would happen if Mum didn’t get her coffee in the morning and you would get pretty much the same response from each of them. Eyes will widen in fear, eye brows will raise, hands will gesticulate madly and they will start walking backwards towards the nearest exit in […]

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Sexy Sexy Food!

Bonjour Mes Amis! A Strawberry and Pepper Chevin Breakfast Brioche. C’est Tres Bon!

  I have been happily eating my way around Cape Town for the last ten days. This town is like a pot boiling over with great restaurants that tick all my boxes. I arrived last Sunday have and a million people to thank for amazing food, company and meaty conversations. Grazie infinite to Caro who […]

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Spiced Poached Rosemary and Pear Tarte Tatin

This is one of my favourite desserts, well a Tarte Tatin is. I made it to take to my sister Sue’s not long ago. You can use pretty much any fruit in this dish – I make my Tartes with apples, pears and peaches mostly. This means it’s both a summer and winter dessert. You […]

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coffee and walnut cupcakes

A Gaggle of Coffee and Walnut Cupcakes for Aunty Goo!

“One lump or two?” my Aunty Goo would ask me with a broad Chanel Red framed smile, liquorice black immaculately coiffed hair, a wink of the eye and a giggle that bubbled up from somewhere deep down inside her. Aunty Goo laughed a lot – and she found adding two sugar lumps instead of just […]

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Fig, Walnut, Honey and Chocolate Phyllo Pastries!

Fig, Honey and Walnuts baked in Phyllo Pastry ….

When Tandy of Lavender & Lime alerted me to the fact that Willies Supreme Cacao had been marked down to R25, 95 a bar all the family heard was the door slamming behind me. I had been meaning to invest in some of his golden nuggets for a while. What worries me is that if […]

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Mango Ice Cream.

Every morning in summer I dive into my fruit salad for breakfast joyful in the knowledge that there is about a seventy percentage chance of fishing out a sunset yellow nugget of juicy sweet mango. I spend all winter counting down the months to Mango time and I spend plenty of time thinking of new […]

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Act 3 of The Valentines Seduction Dinner … Desserts

Let’s re-cap the scenes in this three act soiree. Remember that None of these little tasty titbits require any cooking – you pop to your local – pick up the ingredients and bang them all together. A night of love and romance requires one to be fresh and full of vitality NOT exhausted from slaving […]

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