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Osso Bucco with Riso alla Milanese

Osso Bucco with Saffron Riso alla Milanese.

Well now – there were a few ‘noses’ out of joint in the Masterchef Kitchen last night weren’t there. Claire actually visibly paled and Aaron nearly choked on his own moustache!!! Aren’t you just loving this – we are on episode 62 of 84 …. Which roughly translates into three words and that’s, TENSION – […]

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Veal Stuffed with Ham, Mushrooms and Mozarella in a Marsala Wine Sauce

Friday night’s sun downers on Durban beach were sublime. Kicking off your shoes and exhaling the tangles of the week as soft sand cools ya toes off – is the way to start the weekend I tell you.  I placed myself in a self-imposed internet exile this weekend …. Good to take an invisibility break […]

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Veal in a Creamy Lemon and Mushroom Sauce

Vitello Limone Recipe

 Think back to all of those Soccer World Cup Snack recipes that I posted – ‘twas a veritable Snack-attack!!!!! I was researching snacks to test out and post for the Italy vs. Paraguay match. My recipes were lacking in the sweet department so I was wading through Paraguayan dessert recipes when I came across this recipe […]

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