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Serve topped with sliced chilli and spring onion.

Vietnamese Chilli Meatball Soup to Warm You this Winter.

I find it impossible to walk past a second hand book shop or stall and some of my most treasured booked were obtained in this way. A few weeks ago TrickyRicky and I set off for a Saturday morning visit to the Essenwood Craft Market. With a spicy, crunchy and soul warming Falafel clutched in […]

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The tomato stack is only 325 calories!

Light & Lean Steak Stacks …. only 356 calories a portion!

  I am posting from a very beautiful and sunny Cape Town today! You Capetonians are just so very lucky as your evenings are lovely and cool offering one a welcome respite from hot days! So far, my days have been spent sorting out Daniele’s flat. My goodness, six black bags of old clothes and […]

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Filet Americain served in a nest of Pomme Fritte

Filet Americain a Belgian Beauty!

At this time of the year when Durban is hot and steamy here on the East Coast of South Africa, Fillet Americain or Steak Tartare as you probably know it; finds its primal way onto the dinner table in la casa Tripepi. When I met TrickyRicky back in the 70’s, the very idea of eating […]

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Pappardelle al Ragu di Fusello

Dinner Diva Chuck Steak Pasta Sauce ….. Ragu di Fusello

There is absolutely no denying that cuts of beef such as chuck or blade are not only cost effective but the flavour that they add to a pasta sauce is incredible. My mum used to refer to these cuts as sweet meat and only ever used them to make her steak and kidney pies. They […]

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Steak and Kidney Pie Recipe

Winter is slowly sputtering out like an old motorbike miss firing as it battles its way up a steep hill. We have a melange of a few warm and sunny days and then a day like Monday rolls in from the North and we all scramble to find our scarves and jackets again. Let’s face […]

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Surf and Turf Fillet Steaks a la Tripepi

Surf and Turf Fillet Steak with a Creamy Mushroom Sauce and Parmesan Mash

Summer is around the corner me beauties – and while little miss sunshine flirts shamelessly with us, flashing her sexy long legged rays knowing full well that she’s working us up into a vitamin D challenged frenzy, we are starting to stock up on summer accoutrements. We braai’d last Sunday – we just couldn’t actually […]

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Stir Fried Beef Fillet with Vegetables and Noodles

Stir Fried Chili Beef with Noodles Recipe

  Oh my madumbi’s!!!!! Marion has gone! Poor Alvin looked paralysed and you could literally watch the remaining Masterchef contestants’ brains doing a Garmin on them …. RECALCULATING … RECALCULATING…. Who would have thought! ‘JohnnyDeppNOTTTT’ actually looked afraid when he got out of that lift. At the end of the day – EVERYONE but One […]

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Osso Bucco with Riso alla Milanese

Osso Bucco with Saffron Riso alla Milanese.

Well now – there were a few ‘noses’ out of joint in the Masterchef Kitchen last night weren’t there. Claire actually visibly paled and Aaron nearly choked on his own moustache!!! Aren’t you just loving this – we are on episode 62 of 84 …. Which roughly translates into three words and that’s, TENSION – […]

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The Best Italian Meatballs in town ....

Spaghetti and The Best Meatball Sauce Recipe Ever!

  Oh I have had the best of weeks! Having my sister-in-law Brenda, with my niece Jade to visit, is always such a treat. We have enjoyed ourselves sooo much! I am so sad that they are leaving today as I shall miss my little poppie terribly. I am so grateful for my family – […]

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Spaghetti Bolognaise a la Tripepi.

Bolognaise Pasta Sauce Recipe

  Clearly – Trickyricky is experiencing some kind of mid-life change/ crisis at the moment. He is suddenly doing all sorts of things differently – cooking being the main one. Not like him at all! When there is Bolognaise sauce to be prepared for a meal in la casa Tripepi – HE DOES IT! Some […]

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