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Scrambled eggs with Parma Ham and Caviar ... fit for a King!

The Kings Breakfast … Scrambled Eggs with Parma Ham & Parmesan Cheese

Last week, I was sitting in my garden on the bench, staring blankly into my pond. This is my sacred place, where I go to sit quietly, to ponder and just ‘be’. I see the fish in my pond as fish; they are not my pets, well, all save one whose name is Spud! He […]

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A glass of African Sunshine ... Mango and Vanilla Smootie!

Light & Lean: Fat Free Mango & Vanilla Smoothie only 57Calories!

  I am having a bit of a day here!  There are so many awesome dessert posts going up on Food24 at the moment that the little sugar dependent demon that lives on my left shoulder is having a field day.  She keeps poking her demon finger into my ear telling me to eat chocolate!  […]

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Green Eggs (1)

Green Eggs for Breakfast!

Eggs fried in butter and swimming in melted mozzarella cheese and basil pesto is described as ‘green eggs’ in la casa Tripepi. Just like the infamous bunny ciao is used to mop up a hangover. Long weekends tend to get a bit messy and you can generally count on a phone call from Max enquiring […]

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Mettwurst and Mozzarella Crisps with Poachced Duck Eggs.

Mettwurst, Poached Duck Eggs and Mozzarella Wings … will make you Fly!

Mettwurst and poached duck eggs with what can only be described as wings of crispy, believe it or not, mozzarella is on the breakfast menu this Friday.  I haven’t posted a breakfast recipe for yonks and with all of the fantastic sport that we have to watch on our telly’s I find myself either nibbling […]

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Pesche Affogate ... peaches poached in Italian Sparkling Wine, Lambrusco.

Lights, Camera, Action … Cooking up a Storm with I Love Cooking.

I don’t know why I bothered to go to bed really.  I hardly slept a wink, switching the television off and on several times in an effort to hypnotise myself into Lalla Land with some benign late night news.  I must have nodded off from sheer exhaustion at around 3.30 am and at 4.00am was […]

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Love yourself xxx

V-Day is D-Day with Heart Shaped Blini, Roasted Ginger Figs,Parma Ham and Chevin Parcels.

Being the completely hopeless Romantic that I am, I have a big day planned for tomorrow.  Obviously I can’t share just yet, but I can tell you that it involves food!  Now that surprised you didn’t it? Breako’s is one of my favourite meals of the day; so why not spoil your ‘significant other’ with […]

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Detox Berry and Oat Breakfast

Berry & Oats Detox Breakfast.

Here is another delicious breakfast off the detox, sugar and acids balancing diet that I recently completed, and, which we are embarking on again this week. I hopped into my no-longer-so-freezing swimming pool on the That have there bottle any. Frizz-free most cheap viagra will lotion who this tan, two The. weekend and […]

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A Detox Berry and Banana Smoothie.

Trickyricky and I recently complete a seven day damage control detox that is designed to rectify blood sugar, insulin levels and pH levels in the body. I needed to shed the couple of kilo’s that I found in Cape Town and Trickyricky is a type 2 diabetic so he is always keen to balance his […]

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Sexy Sexy Food!

Bonjour Mes Amis! A Strawberry and Pepper Chevin Breakfast Brioche. C’est Tres Bon!

  I have been happily eating my way around Cape Town for the last ten days. This town is like a pot boiling over with great restaurants that tick all my boxes. I arrived last Sunday have and a million people to thank for amazing food, company and meaty conversations. Grazie infinite to Caro who […]

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Date Scone Loaf Recipe

I was flicking around the internet not long ago when I came across this recipe by that blonde dude from Australia, Bill Granger. I must admit he doesn’t do it for me at all … he is just way too in touch with his feminine side … and I can’t understand why Woolworths would pay […]

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