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Lumaconi con Piselli e Pancetta

Pea & Pancetta Lumaconi Pasta

This is going to be a bit of a rush job!  But needs must and I have been promising this recipe to BigBigJoe for sooooo long!  The last time that we made this dish, I couldn’t hold the scavenging horde back and they polished the whole lot off in nano seconds.  If my memory serves […]

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Fun Filled Savoury Sandwich Cake

A Fun Filled Savoury Birthday Cake …

A fun filled Savoury Birthday Cake: TrickyRicky’s birthday was spent lazing under the thorny acacia trees, next to the cool waters of Shongweni Dam just outside Durban. The Dam is situated inside the Shongweni nature reserve that is just 30 minutes from Durban. One does catch glimpses of animals such as pretty impala grazing on […]

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Stout Beer Bread at Sunset!

Pickled Pig Porter Beer and Cheese Bread.

it with what I was convinced was a bottle of milk of magnesia! Out came the Victorian table cloth, and we were served exactly the same meal year in and year out. I guess that our family were the veritable definition of that favourite English institution called ‘tradition’. We were very seldom, if ever, allowed […]

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Focaccia with Rosemary and Black Olive Recipe

Now that I own a scale and can weigh my ingredients I am getting more into bread making. Obviously, I have to get the Italian breads up to scratch first or there will be another mutiny in the casa Tripepi. We are still avoiding carbs but on the weekend we have a good carbo-rific feast […]

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A White Wine and Creamy Garlic Mussel Pot Recipe

Seeing as I am kind of on the subject of bread of late – I must share the outcome of Carey’s recipe with you. I keep telling Cary how I have made her bread and that my lot are dilly about it – but you know what they say about the proof of the pudding! […]

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Use Your Loaf …. Veggie Stuffed Loaf of Bread on the Braai ….. Pane Ripieno al Fuoco.

Oh! How many ways do I love thee …….. My husband – and indeed his whole extended Tripepi family, wouldn’t dream of throwing a piece of mouldy or spoilt bread away without first planting a kiss on it. This mostly relates to the fact that Holy Communion in church – Our Daily Bread – The […]

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Zucchotto filled with bubbling Camembert, Apricot,Almond & Thyme butter.

Camembert Zuccotto Recipe

  Daniele has lived in Cape Town for four years now- but as he has been a student on a limited budget, Wine Tasting had never been within his financial reach. His alcoholic bevvie of choice was certainly not wine. With the option of staying at home with all the banging and crashing last week […]

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Lettuce Pray! Airline Food Gripes and Likes!

I flew from Durban to Cape Town on wednesday. Top tip no 1 – ALWAYS ALWAYS wear your spectacles when checking your boarding times on your boarding pass. DO NOT ever ever ask the baggage check staff to give you your boarding time. As a result of this tom foolery I nearly missed my plane. […]

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