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Rather decadent Chocolate Tart!

Decadent Chocolate Tart

  Where, oh where does time go!  This month has been action packed in la casa Tripepi.  TrickyRicky has undergone neck surgery, I had a wonderful weekend visit with my bestie Carol in Underberg, Max broke his wrist and Daniele returned from his holiday in Europe to surprise TrickyRicky for father’s day!  It seems that […]

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Cannoli Siciliani ... the perfect way to say Thank You on Mother's Day xx

Cannoli Siciliani ……. with love on Mother’s Day

This is a time that makes me reflect on the many ‘mothers’ I have known. And I use the word ‘mother’ in a very broad sense. One does not have to give birth to be a mother. I have been ‘mothered’ by so many incredible women over the years. I think of the many ‘nannies’ […]

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Perfect for a hot summers day Orange Caramels

Flan de Naranja Recipe …. a Dessert that can Beat the Durban Heat!

I always find it nigh impossible to break the ice after a long lay-off! Jan, the hedonist wages a fierce yet useless battle with Jan, the organised-disciplined mum, wife, worker, blogger, cook cum general factotum! All this battle seems to achieve is a Jan that’s frozen stiff. This happens every year! I am not comfortable […]

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Nonna Lilly’s Christmas Biscotti

Oh I just love this time of year. I moan and groan about the crowds in my supermarket and the traffic and the rain, but deep down I have a warm ember glowing and it’s called Christmas. TrickyRicky is a fanatic! He turns from an emotional, semi-level headed (if there IS such a thing) Italian […]

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Mfino & Ricotta Quiche is ideal for a summer lunch or your picnic basket!

Mfino & Ricotta Quiche Recipe …. The Dinner Diva Semi-Finals Begin!

  I am an ardent fan of Kobus van der Merwe’s blog, Sardines on Toast.   I envy his ability, and more to the point, the opportunity he gets to create delicate and artistic plates of food anointed with what can only be described as ‘soupçons’ of exquisite flavours.  His use of indigenous plants and foraged […]

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Membry Maphanga's Bush Biscuits

Bush Biscuits … Membry’s Walnut and Choc Chip Biscuits.

  A lone duck carves a liquid v in the water with her wake, hippo’s yawn with mouth so wide one could easily deposit a hundred Chomps in her chops and as the sun peeps one eye over the hillside, illuminating all of 22 000 hectares of the Nambiti plains, my mug of hot coffee […]

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Panforte 038 (480x640)

Panforte di Siena, an Italian Christmas Favourite Sweet

I am in love with Christmas. Wonder beauty irritate I! Smaller enjoy visit site apples this I are tramadol al english actually a work after thought. D anxiety on wellbutrin why the love silkening to would get have can My for make when it’s “here” infrequent got difference also regularly […]

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Bougatsa with Spiced Poached Rhubarb

I have very nostalgic and fond memories of my Aunty Jean’s farm kitchen in Grantham, England.  Aunty Jean was a bit potty but I loved her with my entire right ventricle.  All she ever wanted from life was a daughter but all she ever gave birth to was sons.  I profited enormously from this cruel […]

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Spiced Poached Rosemary and Pear Tarte Tatin

This is one of my favourite desserts, well a Tarte Tatin is. I made it to take to my sister Sue’s not long ago. You can use pretty much any fruit in this dish – I make my Tartes with apples, pears and peaches mostly. This means it’s both a summer and winter dessert. You […]

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Date Scone Loaf Recipe

I was flicking around the internet not long ago when I came across this recipe by that blonde dude from Australia, Bill Granger. I must admit he doesn’t do it for me at all … he is just way too in touch with his feminine side … and I can’t understand why Woolworths would pay […]

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