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Watermelon and Chevin Salad with a Mint and Vodka Dressing for Meat Free Monday.

Whenever I visit Daniele in Cape Town we have a number of Restaurant rituals. One of these is lunch or dinner at Societi Bistro. This superb spot, which feels more like home from home for us, serves consistently fabulous Italian and French food and sits comfortably on the apron of Table Mountain. Whenever I sit […]

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Antipasti for your Valentines Seduction Meal Act 2 … Fancy A Dip?

The mood is nice and spicy and hot from yesterdays little mango and salmon treat, you are having fun spoon feeding each other. It’s time for a little Caprese surprise. The bubbly is flowing and you are feeling a little naughty ……… Cross Your Heart Ingredients 1 packet of crostini – you will only need […]

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A Valentine’s Day Seduction Meal that Requires No Cooking….. WARNING: It’s Gonna Get Messy

I was recently asked to identify Durban’s 5 Most Romantic Restaurants and write a little something about them. With a target group of 20 people – I asked 10 men and 10 women exactly the same question.   The responses were pretty bog standard with regard to the winning restaurant but what I wasn’t prepared for […]

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Salmon and Prawn Sashimi Moriawase Platter

This platter is known in the casa Tripepi as the “007”! For about 10 years now – we have been following a sushi Chef around Durban. His name is Sarawat – and when Sarawat moves to a new restaurant, The Tripepi’s move with him. Knowing a good sushi chef is like knowing a good beautician […]

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Stuffed Calamari in a Tomato Sauce

There are only two rules that you need to obey when cooking calamari – Rule 1 -either you wave it over the coals for a millisecond and serve immediately or – Rule 2 – you bung it in a sauce on your stove top for hours and hours and go outside and cut the grass […]

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Stuffed and Roasted Red Peppers – Mediterranean Style …

What a weekend I had – in fact the whole of the last week has been wonderfully hectic. It kicked off last Wednesday evening with a dinner at the Elangeni to meet and greet the chefs that would be featured at the Good Food & Wine Show. I spent the evening in the great company […]

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Perfect Pesto for a Creamy Chicken Pesto Pasta ….. Saturday Lunch Menu.

You simply have to keep a jar of beautiful “lumo” green pesto in your fridge – especially in summer. No self-respecting Caprese salad would be seen dead without a petticoat of pesto. Two table spoons of pesto in your salad dressing can turn it from drab to Fab – a simple plate of pasta is […]

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Zucchotto filled with bubbling Camembert, Apricot,Almond & Thyme butter.

Camembert Zuccotto Recipe

  Daniele has lived in Cape Town for four years now- but as he has been a student on a limited budget, Wine Tasting had never been within his financial reach. His alcoholic bevvie of choice was certainly not wine. With the option of staying at home with all the banging and crashing last week […]

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Thai Fish Cakes

Thai Fish Cake Recipe

I have been besieged by culinary demons this week – henceforth – they shall be known as the “gremolata’s” or should I say the *&*###ing GREMOLATAS! For fear of bringing on a case of narcolepsy, I won’t bore you will the details . These #$###@## G’s – seem to be working themselves out. Bottom line […]

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Fresh Thai Spring Rolls

Fresh Thai Prawn Spring Rolls and a Thai Dipping Sauce Recipe

The word Thai – means ‘free’, and I would say that’s a fair description of this wonderful cuisine. Hubby and I spent a few weeks in Thailand over new year a few years ago and I just loved everything about Thailand. The people are tiny weeny little people with massive hearts. They are so generous […]

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