About Me

Being a true Scorpio, able to shed my skin and reinvent myself on a regular basis
means that I have worn many fabulous hats thus far in my life. From International Travel Consultant; Crisis Counsellor; Art teacher and Diva to my present two jobs as the bookkeeper for our Engineering and Project Management Company; and restaurant reviewer for Food24, I have Olympic calibre status affection for life and all its inimitable twists and sometime nasty turns, not the least of which was being born on entirely the wrong continent. I am an artist, I love to paint nudes and enjoy mixing mediums like charcoal and oil paint! I adore writing and cooking for my food blog.

The Universe took pity on this pale little English girl and by the age of ten the prevailing forces whisked me out of the drab English countryside off to the wonderful continent of Africa and gently nestled me into the verdant coastal haven of KwaZulu Natal; a kindness for which I shall be eternally grateful. Add an Italian husband and his 65 strong family to the fray and that pretty much sums up my existence. A bubbling cauldron of pasta pots and extended family, all meaningless without the three great loves of my life, hubby TrickyRicky and two sons Daniele and Max. I couldn’t be happier as my nest is always full of chirping hungry mouths to feed.

My taste buds have been on rollicking rollercoaster ride for the last 30 years. From the very moment I placed a forkful of my mother-in-law Mamma Lilliana Tripepi’s indescribably delectable pasta into my gob I have been nothing less than a slave to the eternal quest for flavour.

So what’s Italian food all about? It’s about time honoured tradition, it’s about packing as much flavour and love as you can into one dish. It’s about keeping food simple but achingly abundant. It’s about picking some fresh herbs or mushrooms and celebrating them with your family.

The Italian culture is abundant by its very nature and as long as the family is together and there is a great plate of food, loaf of bread and glass of vino on the dining room table, all else seems to just melt away.

As always, Buon Appetito

Janice Tripepi