Light & Lean: Fat Free Mango & Vanilla Smoothie only 57Calories!


A glass of African Sunshine ... Mango and Vanilla Smootie!

A glass of African Sunshine … Mango and Vanilla Smoothie!

I am having a bit of a day here!  There are so many awesome dessert posts going up on Food24 at the moment that the little sugar dependent demon that lives on my left shoulder is having a field day.  She keeps poking her demon finger into my ear telling me to eat chocolate!  On the whole I am not really craving any particular food, but I must be ovulating or something as the ‘sweet stuff’ is starting to haunt my dreams!

I am still in the ‘very strict’ phase of my diet and am staying well away from bread, potato, pasta & rice!  There are plenty of carbs in fruit and veggies.  I refer to the above as the ‘wit gevaar’ and they are totally ‘carbo-no-grata!’  So snacks are pretty much off limits too.

All I could do to satisfy my severe case of ‘dessert envy’ was to make a delicious smoothie.  Adding the contents of one vanilla pod to my smoothie felt very luxurious and kind of did the trick by giving the smoothie more of an ‘ice cream’ flavour note!

It has occurred to me that I am quite good at fooling myself ………..


Fat free Mango  and Vanilla Smoothie

L&L Mango & Vanilla Smootie (5)

The way I see smoothies is this; you need to use ripe fruit that is in season.  The sugars will have fully developed in the fruit which means that you won’t need to add any honey or sugar to sweeten it.  Ripe and seasonal fruits are going to achieve the best results in this fat free treat.

Mango is very low in unsaturated fat, sodium and cholesterol.  It’s a great source of dietary fibre, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.


200g ripe mango cut into cubes (130 calories)

250ml Fat Free Plain Yoghurt (71 calories)

3 – 5 ice cubes

1 vanilla pod (9 calories)

The juice of half a lemon approx. 15 – 20ml (4 calories)

16 blueberries (12 calories)


L&L Mango & Vanilla Smootie (13)

Add the yoghurt, mango, lemon juice, ice blocks and the seeds from one vanilla pod to you blender and blitz.

I am not very keen on thick drinks so I add the ice blocks to thin it down a bit but keep it nice and cold.

I like to add ice blocks to thin the smoothie slightly.

I like to add ice blocks to thin the smoothie slightly.

This recipe makes 4 glasses of smoothie.

Serve garnished with a few blueberries and a sprig of mint!

As you can see this is ready and prepared in a matter of minutes which makes it ideal for when a sweetie craving hits!

L&L Mango & Vanilla Smootie (63)

This kept very well for two days in the fridge, covered.

I know that I promised to post the Slow Roast Lamb Wraps today … sorry but I just had to share this Mango smoothie.  I needed a bit of a treat!

I will post the Lamb Wrap recipe next!

Today I am experimenting at Quinoa.

As always

Buon Appetito



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