Kabeljou Croquette Recipe … Croquettes di Pesce

Kabeljou Crumbed Fish Croquettes

Right, so we ate half of the Kabeljou Cabrarese for dinner and had plenty of meat left over.  La famiglia Tripepi has had a protracted and passionate love affair with the humble bread crumb since the dark ages.  The Tripepi family history goes back centuries to Reggio Calabria.  But I shall share more about the Tripepi history at another time.

Italian Mammas are specialists at making food go a long way.  Yes, they seek out the very best and very freshest seasonal treats but most meals are prepared in such a way as to have some left overs which can be turned into another meal.  A fine example of this kitchen wizardry is the beloved Frittata, which was devised to utilise some of the eggs that the family’s chickens would lay daily, and to turn left over pasta into a great lunch the next day.  Nonna Lilly would make a frittata, cut it up and fill fresh Panini with it accompanied by lettuce and sliced fresh tomato.

This is what I made with the left over Kabeljou alla Cabrarese dish that I posted yesterday and some left over Portuguese Potatoes -.  Fish cakes or Croquettes di Pesce are a great way to use up this precious fish and can take on any flavour accents.  I have gone the Italian route but you could add other accents easily.  I will list a few suggestions at the end of the recipe.  What I will say is that any croquette benefits significantly with the addition of plenty of chopped fresh herbs, frankly I just don’t think that you can overdo them.  So go wild!

Kabeljou Fish Cakes

Kabeljou fish croquette.


3 boiled potatoes – or some left over mashed potato

2 onions chopped and softened in a pan with some butter

4 cloves of garlic softened in the pan with the onions

1/2 cup of chopped fresh basil

1 – 2 chopped red chilli

Fish – at least 1 cup of flaked cooked fish

Plenty of salt and freshly ground black pepper

1 jumbo egg lightly beaten


Lightly fry the onions and garlic in a knob of butter to soften them.

Either put the potatoes through a ricer or mash them or use left-over mash.

Place the potato, softened onion and garlic, chopped herbs, chili, beaten egg, salt and pepper into a bowl.

Mix well and taste the mixture … you must season well as there is nothing worse than under seasoned croquettes.

Take handfuls of this mixture and roll into balls – don’t make them too big as you don’t want to have to fry them too long.

I generally make them the size of a small apple.

Crumbing your Croquettes


2 eggs lightly beaten

2 cups of bread crumbs

1 cup of flour


Roll each croquette in flour

Then dip them into the beaten egg

Lastly roll them in the bread crumbs

Place them onto a sheet of grease proof paper and refrigerate for at least 20 minutes.

Placing them into the fridge will prevent the crumbs from falling off when you deep fry the croquettes.

To fry the croquettes

I love to deep fry in my wok – I find that the shape is well suited to deep frying, requiring less oil and providing a large surface area.

How to test the oil for deep frying – take a pinch of bread crumbs and drop them into your hot oil, if they sizzle immediately and float on the top sizzling – the oil is hot enough.  If your oil is not hot enough and you add a croquette, it will sink to the bottom, suck up lots of oil and be soggy!  Na-ahh

Hot oil = crispy crunchy croquettes!

Fry them all and serve with a fresh salad and a fab glass of your favourite white vino!

Some alternate flavouring ideas:

Add some finely chopped rosemary and grated lemon zest

Add some chopped coriander and fry the onion and garlic with 2tsp ground coriander, 1tsp ground cumin and a pinch of turmeric

Add chopped chives and a little fried bacon

Add rinsed, drained baby capers and 2tsp of Dijon mustard

What recipe did I post on this day last year?

Well it must be the time of the year when I most like to eat seafood.  This Marinara pasta sauce recipe is jam packed with the flavours of our beautiful oceans.

Perfect for a family lunch with some crusty bread.

Marinara Pasta Sauce


Have a wonderful weekend; I am off to celebrate my birthday in the Midlands with my sista-from-another-mother Carol ….

This is gonna get messy!!!!!

I hope!

As always

Buon Appetito

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