How To Make Fresh Pappardelle

Here is part two of the Pappardelle with Ragu di Fusillo – Chuck Sauce Meal. Making fresh pasta is just so damn satisfying. The ingredients are so simple and basic that they stir up ones primal instincts. Flour is one of the most humble and honest ingredients that we cook with…..

Pappardelle are big and generous in the mouth and are traditionally served with a slow cooked meat ragu. When the hunting season opens in Italy usually around August/ September this is one of the first pastas you will see adorning the table. It’s the perfect partner to a great glass of your favourite red wine. This simply must be accompanied by a great loaf of crusty bread. Bread, on an Italian table becomes a utensil. Fork in you right hand and bread in your left …

As, there were only three of us at the dinner table on Tuesday I made just a small amount of pasta dough.




Makes 4 portions


300g flour

3 eggs

3tsp olive oil

3tsp salt


I don’t bother to sieve the flour – I have tried it both ways and can honestly say that it makes no difference.

Pour the flour into your mixer – make a well in the centre add the rest of the ingredients.

Using the dough hook, switch your machine on to the lowest speed and mix the ingredients until they start to form a ball.

Turn this out onto a floured surface and, using clean hands work the dough into a ball.

Knead the dough for approximately 5 minutes – giving the ball a quarter turn at a time.

When the dough has form a nice smooth ball, wrap in some cling film and place it in your refrigerator to rest. Resting the pasta renders the dough much more pliable and easier to roll through the machine. It’s as if the dough relaxes with a wee rest!

Rolling your fresh pasta dough out

Cut a piece of the dough off – I really need to weigh one of these balls so I can tell you exactly how much to cut off. Don’t try and work with a ball of dough as big as a tennis ball – it’s just difficult too control and will give you a sheet of pasta a mile long. I would lay them on my diningroom table hanging over on both sides and Miss Bubbles (my dal Damnation) would help herself to the overhanging bits!!!!

Roll your dough through setting number 1 three times, each time folding the pasta in 3

Dust the sheet with a little flour in between each number to avoid it sticking

Then run it through each number until you get to number 7

Lay out the sheets on a table cloth.

To cut the Pappardelle

Fold each sheet in half, and then in half again

I just can’t keep my hands off pasta!

Cut both outside edges off – you will now have 4 separate small sheets of pasta, one on top of the other

Cut each sheet into three equal lengths – I cut on the diagonal … just to make them angular; this seems to please me for some reason!

Lay them out on a table and dust with flour until you need to cook them

Cooking Your Pappardelle

When you are ready to cook the Pappardelle, bring a large pot of salted water to a rolling boil.

Add the Pappardelle and stir them gently.

Stir them gently every minute to prevent them from sticking together

Remember: Fresh Pasta cooks very quickly.

When they are tender, about 4 – 5 minutes, drain

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them in a colander.

Pour them back into your pot and add your sauce.

Click here for the Chuck Ragu Sauce Recipe.

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As always

Buon Appetito



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