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Juicy Insalata di frutti di Mare .... a traditional Italian Seafood Salad.

Insalata di Frutti di Mare .. Italian Seafood Salad

So this is my last post before the Food and Wine Indaba 2012. I can’t wait to see everyone and connect and talk food and get all the latest Goss and try some new restaurants and markets! I am posting a traditional Italian Seafood Salad which may seem a little incongruent with the average temperatures […]

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Pan fried Dorado on a bed of Fennel & Leek Mascarpone Sauce.

Spicy Dorado on a bed of Fettuccine with a creamy Leek and Fennel Sauce.

                                Every now and then la cucina Tripepi gets a visit from the kitchen fairies.  Last night they flapped their little wings, clicked their red sequined happy tappy heels together and a moment of perfect culinary synergy prevailed.  The dish looked […]

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Crunchy Crumbed Chicken Breasts Oozing Melted Cheese, Mushrooms and Ham.

Oh Crumbs .. Cheese, Ham and Mushroom Stuffed, Crumbed Chicken Breasts.

Well, Elena Norgalieva must have eaten a bowl of my pasta before she ran the Comrades yesterday!  What a champ she is!  She ran like the wind and came in first running her best Comrades Ultra Marathon time yet. I must admit that I am getting very excited for my upcoming trip to Cape Town […]

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