Camembert Cheese stuffed with Bacon and Watermelon Preserve and Baked

Happy Year of the Dragon to one and all!  I have always been an avid fan of these majestic mythical creatures and have been threatening to paint a Dragon triptych for about fifteen years.  I did spend about a month painstakingly painting the most beautifully shaped ceramic bowl with two rather magnificent five toed dragons …. Scale by scale! And believe me they have loads!

The weather over Christmas was absolutely perfect with blue skies and billowing dragon shaped clouds.  La casa Tripepi was blessed with so many houseguests that life generally became an outdoor pool-side food fest.  Carol, Casey and I spent many a blissful morning floating around like three ice blocks in a G&T.

On the odd occasion hubbies and boyfriends were off playing golf; we found ourselves having girly lunches and as is always the case, we chose to eat food that reflected this.  This baked Camembert, stuffed with some salty delicious bacon from happy free range piggies raised in the Midlands, and honey-sweet watermelon preserve from fellow blogger Kobus, better known as Sardines on Toast who hails from Paternoster in the Western Cape, was a real hit.


Camembert stuffed with bacon and Watermelon Konfyt!

Carol arrived with a cornucopia of veggies from her farm so the lettuce and the crunchy juicy celery in the salad where Carol’s contribution to the meal.  One can hardly even call this a recipe as there really isn’t much cooking involved in this meal.


Baked Stuffed Camembert

A few of my favourite things!


1 x 250g Camembert in a balsa wood box

5 rashers of bacon

Watermelon & Ginger Konfyt

You can use any preserved fruit such as figs / ginger/ apricots.

black pepper

Preheat your oven to 180d


Using a large knife cut the cheese in half transversally.

Carefully cut the Camenbert in half.

Check out that creamy cheesy heaven.

Grill the bacon and arrange it on one half of the cheese.

Lay the griddled on the bottom half.

Top with a generous amount of the preserved watermelon & ginger konfyt or your choic of  preserved fruit

Pile it up ….. don’t be shy!

Top with the other half of the Camembert

Ready to pop into the oven..

Place back into the box and bake for 15 – 20 minutes at 180d

Assemble some girlfriends around the table, open your best bottle of ice cold vino, serve with some crusty health bread and a fresh salad …. Perfect!


Always find time to celebrate your friendships …


I saw this on a greeting card the other day ….

‘Life is just too short not to have an umbrella in your drink!’

Gotta love it!

As always

Buon Appetito



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