Caffe Affogato and Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

All I have to say and my comment for this week is… TTTTGIF! This has been one of those weeks that has hurled massive asteroid sized chunks of life at me. I don’t wish to sound too dramatic for my personal belief is that ‘life just happens’. These times are normal and are a part of the big picture; of my big picture. In times like these one is confronted with one’s own belief system and called to reflect within and get back to the basics of it all. We are called to remember the things that ARE important as your psyche is ripped away from the mere trivialities that we frivolously wrap our misguided attention around.

 I have had my two minute whine I am ready for the weekend!! Now, all I have to say is Detox Shmeetox, it’s Friday and I am gonna wrap all my attention around one of my favourite Italian coffees and give it a big fat Italian hug and kiss and if it had a bum I would give that  an affection pat too!  Affogato al Caffe, meaning “drowned in coffee” (how appropriate) is a shot of espreso coffee poured over a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream.  Affogato is served all over Italy both in restaurants and in Coffee Bars. This is a celebration of the coffee bean at its best.

 La famiglia Tripepi is not too ‘dessert’ oriented but all Italians like an espresso at the end of a meal. In the world of coffee, Affogato is the equivalent of slipping into something ‘more comfortable’ (which is code for ‘sexy’) at the end of a meal.  I like to add a shot of liqueur to enhance this seductive little number!

 Affogato al Caffe

Now you could use any shop bought vanilla ice cream,

but here is my ‘no machine necessary’ vanilla bean ice cream recipe.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream


300ml of fresh cream

4 eggs – separated

100g icing sugar

2 Vanilla Pods


Separate your eggs yolks from your egg whites


 I have such a crush on Vinny – my mixer!


 Beat the icing sugar and eggs yolks in your mixer


until the mixture is pale yellow, light and fluffy and has doubled in volume.


 Cut the vanilla pods open down the centre, length wise and using

either a teaspoon or the back of a knife, scrape out all of the little

 tiny weeny heavenly seeds which you add to the un-whipped fresh cream.

 Top Tip: Keep the empty Vanilla pods in your sugar container;

this will give your sugar a beautiful vanilla aroma.

 Whip the fresh cream and vanilla beans until it reaches the soft peak stage  and

set aside. 

Whisk the egg whites with a tiny weeny pinch of salt in a clean bowl until

they form stiff peaks.

In a bowl combine the beaten cream with the beaten egg yolk and icing sugar mixture,

 and then gently fold in the beaten egg whites.



Pour the mixture into a plastic container – pop a lid on and freeze.

Espresso & Ice Cream Coffee

 Affogato al Caffe

Quantities for one drink


 1 cup of espresso coffee – sweeten with sugar if you prefer

1 scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream per person

1 tot of Tia Maria, Kahlua or Frangelico’s


Place your ice cream cup or glass in the freezer to cool

Place one scoop of Vanilla ice cream in the glass


 Make a cup of espresso coffee


 ‘Drown’ the ice cream with the espresso


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I hope that you have the very best of weekends …

And remember, when life hands you lemons …

Drink Affogato al Caffe!

 Buon Appetito









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