Caffe Corretto .. Espresso with a Shot!

So last week we had warm and restorative Espresso al Uovo Battuto to give us a “kick in the pants’’ and help us make it through the day with a smile on our faces. Today we need our coffee to perform a different miracle. Coffee is just so reliable! You have eaten dinner – two or three delicious courses down the hatch; the vino is flowing and the meal comes to a screeching halt. You need something satisfying and settling to keep you and the party going. Café Corretto is espresso coffee served with a shot of a drink known as Italy’s elixir, Grappa. I am so into elixirs!

This distinctly Italian tipple was originally distilled from the left over pips, skins, stalks and stems of grapes after winemaking. Originating from the town of Bassano del Grappa in Veneto, this foxy firewater has its roots in the peasant populace. I just love this as I identify far more with drunken peasant raucous occasions than stuffy formal pretentious dinners. Similar to our Witblits, it’s a drink that was produced by the farmers and peasants on wine farms with the left over bits and bobs from their wine making. Like I say, “Waste not want not” clever peasants!

In the 1960’s this clear digestive was given a makeover and nowadays is produced from a single grape. As with any alcoholic bevvies there is Grappa and there is Grappa and one can pay anything from R60 to R800 for a good bottle. Each Grappa will reflect the flavour notes of the grape that has been used in its production.

After dinner coffee needs to have a digestive element and, to my mind, should have a hit of alcohol to keep the mood going and it should be most definately be accompanied by a little sweet treat. I find that the combination of Panforte, espresso and Grappa is an excellent way to keep that mood and to crank the night up a notch into sexy gear. Panforte is an Italian ‘cake’ that also has a very interesting history that dates as far back as 1205 AD, but I am saving this story for closer to Christmas when I shall be making some to give away to my special friends and I shall be posting the recipe here for you all. It’s rich, spicy, fruity and packed with nuts and flavour. Deeee’lish!

Café Corretto

For 1person


1 shot glass of Grappa at room temperature – you may heat the shot

using the steam nozzle from your coffee machine if you want to.

I prefer my Grappa heated up slightly as the flavours

really pop when you do this.

1 espresso

1 slice of Panforte


Prepare the slices of Panforte and glasses of Grappa first as

you don’t want to serve your guests cold coffee

Either make a pot of espresso on the stove using your stove top Italian Espresso coffee machine


if you have a fabulous machine that does the whole enchilada automatically,

like grinds the beans freshly, heats the water, percolates the coffee and produces

single doses of espresso at the push of a button. Then use that.

How do I drink this?

Half Fill your espresso cups with espresso and serve your guests immediately.

Pour the tot of Grappa into your coffee

Dunk your Panforte into your coffee

and enjoy

Here is the link to last weeks Coffee Break

Espresso al

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Uovo Battuto – a ‘pick me up’ in a cup …

Ti auguro la bocca buona di café!

Which translate into ..

I wish you a mouth flavoured with good coffee!

I guess it doesn’t really translate that well!

Have the very best of weeks – it’s Census time!

Stand up and be Counted!

NB: Make sure that the person at your door identifies themselves as

a bona fide census worker before letting them in to your home.

Here is the link to the official census site and includes a toll free number for

anyone who is in doubt that the person at their front door is not an official


Buon Appetito




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