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Quick and Easy Marinara Pasta Sauce Recipe

Marinara Pasta Sauce Recipe

When you have small children weekends are mostly spent trying to keep the little blighters entertained. Between the Tripepi’s, the Quattrocchi’s, the Pizzutti’s, Domiro’s and co, we had a whole ‘platoon’ of children so outings took on the precision of a military manoeuvre.   Sunny Sundays were spent all together at Sheffield Beach on the North […]

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Detox Berry and Oat Breakfast

Berry & Oats Detox Breakfast.

Here is another delicious breakfast off the detox, sugar and acids balancing diet that I recently completed, and, which we are embarking on again this week. I hopped into my no-longer-so-freezing swimming pool on the That have there bottle any. Frizz-free most cheap viagra will lotion who this tan, two The. weekend and […]

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Caffe Affogato and Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

All I have to say and my comment for this week is… TTTTGIF! This has been one of those weeks that has hurled massive asteroid sized chunks of life at me. I don’t wish to sound too dramatic for my personal belief is that ‘life just happens’. These times are normal and are a part of […]

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Spaghetti with Cream Cheese Recipe

We often have visitors who don’t enjoy or eat seafood, meat or chilli so in order to keep everyone happy Trickyricky is roped in to make his famoso Pasta Biancaneve. Biancaneve translated into English means ‘Snow White’ as in the chick who lived with seven little people, died from eating a poisonous, non-organic, crop sprayed […]

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A Detox Berry and Banana Smoothie.

Trickyricky and I recently complete a seven day damage control detox that is designed to rectify blood sugar, insulin levels and pH levels in the body. I needed to shed the couple of kilo’s that I found in Cape Town and Trickyricky is a type 2 diabetic so he is always keen to balance his […]

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Perfectly Pink Rack of Lamb with an Indian Spiced Crust

Spring Rack of Lamb with an Indian Spiced Crust and Baked Spiced Potatoes

Durban is still bouncing around enjoying the glory of spring. There is the faintest blush of humidity already taunting us but essentially the mornings and evenings are still effervescent and fresh. I have a whole host of tourist Cape Starlings, a dead give-away that spring is here, that have joined the myriad of bird species […]

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caffe corretto

Caffe Corretto .. Espresso with a Shot!

So last week we had warm and restorative Espresso al Uovo Battuto to give us a “kick in the pants’’ and help us make it through the day with a smile on our faces. Today we need our coffee to perform a different miracle. Coffee is just so reliable! You have eaten dinner – two […]

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Squid Stuffed with Prawns in a Tomato and Red Wine Sauce

One aspect of Italian food and the Mamma’s who cook it, that gets very little recognition, is that she is usually very clever with her food budget and will inevitably be cooking that one special meal but at the same time she is planning to serve it in two or three different ways. This is […]

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Steak and Kidney Pie Recipe

Winter is slowly sputtering out like an old motorbike miss firing as it battles its way up a steep hill. We have a melange of a few warm and sunny days and then a day like Monday rolls in from the North and we all scramble to find our scarves and jackets again. Let’s face […]

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Espresso al Uovo Batuto

Espresso al Uovo Battuto … an Italian Coffee Break.

Ask any member of my famiglia what would happen if Mum didn’t get her coffee in the morning and you would get pretty much the same response from each of them. Eyes will widen in fear, eye brows will raise, hands will gesticulate madly and they will start walking backwards towards the nearest exit in […]

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