Roasted Vine Tomato, Ricotta and Italian Sausage Sauce with Rigatoni

Gobbling up Cape Town part 2

Sunday morning we all piled into our car for a jolly-patrollie to Paternoster. What a pity the weather didn’t come to the party – but we joined more friends also visiting from Durbs for a fabulous meal at The Noisy Oyster. Unfortunately darling Kobus of Oep vir Koep at Die Winkel in Paternoster was hobnobbing around France with the rich and famous so we didn’t get to see him nor feed Trickyricky some of his legendary amazing food. Next time darling Kobus!

I just love this sign up above the fire at The Noisy Oyster!

Down the road at the Noisy Oyster we had a wine fuelled game of Trivial Pursuit warmed by the toasty fires dotted around the restaurant and we feasted on beautiful crispy chicken livers, mussels in white wine, grilled whole freshly caught Stumpnose, tangy tomato & basil

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pasta, Thai curry, grilled prawns in garlic and honey, grilled calamari and bucket loads of great vino. They have such a sexy menu adn the food is reasonable priced as is the wine! After polishing off some chocolate torte and many sobering double espressos we rolled out of there like overstuffed suitcases with various pieces of clothing in tow! Happy tourists! As if that wasn’t enough, Trickyricky who made a brief pilgrimage to Giovanni’s early Saturday morning early, cooked us a mountain of spaghetti in a sauce of prawns & clams spiced up with Sam’s dried, smoked chilli flakes.

My photo diary of these events is a bit bleak I am sad to say – I didn’t bring my swish camera to Cape Town and when one is using a point and push and is just a bietjie ‘gesuip’ it shows in the photo’s – so wine t(a)inted snap shots will have to suffice! Apologies!

I joined Anne Meyers of I Love Cooking for lunch at Vintage India a restaurant in the Gardens Centre. I have a feeling that this spot is not very well known simply because of its location. You simply have to eat at this restaurant if you enjoy Indian food. The décor is somewhere between Bollywood and a dining room on the Titanic… it’s well, indescribable and has to be seen to be appreciated. I am still dreaming about the deep fried Spinach and Paneer …. Wow!

Another gargantuan and tongue tickling meal of finger foods and Naan bread so fantastic I could wall paper a room in my house with them. The menu is never-ending, exotic and reflects the spicy notes and tones of so many regions of India. A meal with about 10 people there would be ideal as you could each order a different dish and feast like Maharajas. Whatever you do, DO NOT skip dessert – their cardamom Kulfi was epic as was their Gulabjaman – which were perfect bite sized light cushions of heaven served with warm cinnamon infused syrup! All this was accompanied by such interesting conversation with Anne who shares my social work background and love of food, blogging and the media. This lady has a wickedly wonderful sense of humour that is as extensive as her knowledge and her experience in the latter fields I found fascinating. She’s a tome of knowledge and I felt a bit like a leech having a damn good go at sucking as much information and knowledge out of her as I could. Thank You Anne darling for being so willing to share the wealth of your knowledge and very precious time with me. Sapori here we come!

Now, I have to tell you about a little Italian spot that Rosa and I stumbled upon; it’s called Goloso, (Tel: 076 906 8588) and is a tiny Italian deli and wine bar on Regent Road in Sea Point run by chef Fabrizio. I think that it was a 50:50 split of Fabrizio’s irresistible Italian charm and the aroma of his Lasagne bubbling away in the oven that grabbed us by the nostrils and pulled us through the front door and before long we were presented with a platter of authentic Italian antipasti and two glasses of vino rosso. It all happened in a flash – like a Tom and Jerry cartoon! The next moment Rosa and were tucking into a bowl of Italian Sausages cooked with butter beans in a tomato sauce that we both agreed could have been made by our beloved Nonna Lilly.

How’s this for a LOVING CLOSE UP of the Cannoli at Goloso!

This deli doubles as a book exchange – so if you know anyone who is looking for the latest novels in Italian – go and swap your Italian books. The piece de resistance of our encounter at Goloso (apart from Fabrizio) was the fresh Cannoli … oh my goodness REAL authentic cannoli stuffed with delicately sweetened ricotta and a hint of candied fruit. They truly are THE BOMB! Buonissimo!!! Buono Bee-u-ra-ful! We couldn’t stop our greedy selves from returning a few days later for another meal and to get some more Cannoli to take home with us – they were that good! I bought some beautiful Italian sausages for Daniele who wanted me to teach him how to make my Rigatoni al Salsice recipe. Fabrizio sells wafer thin freshly made long pasta and pasta sheets that would make a killer Lasagne. You can’t walk ten meters in this wonderful city without discovering a new little gastronomic gem … I think I belong in Cape Town; for the summer at least!

I think I have gone on for long enough now and will post the last instalment of my Gobble around Cape Town on Friday. Unfortunately I didn’t get around to showing Daniele how to cook my pasta with sausages and tomato recipe so, here you go my darling, here’s my step by step recipe as promised.

I loved every precious minute that I got to spend with you my angel.

And I see that you have finally discovered your magnificent wings.

Fly my angel and fly as high as you can.



Rigatoni al Sugo di Salsice e Pomodorini

Serves 8 people


Olive oil for frying

800g of Cherry or Rosa tomatoes

Olive oil

Salt & pepper

whole un-peeled Garlic cloves

Fresh rosemary

1 packet of Italian Sausages – available at l’Edicola in Durban and Goloso or Giovanni’s in Cape Town. – slit the sausages open and remove the sausage meat.

4 cloves of finely chopped garlic

1tsp of dried chilli flakes – of course Trickyricky used Sam’s oak smoked chilli flakes, but it’s optional if you don’t like spicy food then just leave it out.

3 glasses of dry white wine

Black pepper to taste

250g ricotta cheese – place in a bowl and mash with a fork to loosen it up

A handful of fresh basil ripped into pieces

2 packets of rigatoni – or penne – or farfalle (short pasta)

Place the tomatoes into a roasting pan with a drizzle of oil, some whole un-peeled garlic, salt, pepper and some fresh rosemary and roast at 180d for 40 minutes. If you don’t have the time to do this it’s not a problem – just cut the tomatoes into halves and add to the sausage meat as stated below.

Bring a large pot of salted water to a rolling boil, add the two packets of Rigatoni and give the pot a good stir.

Don’t forget to stir frequently to stop the pasta from sticking to each other and the pot.

Remove the meat from the sausages and fry in a large frying pan in olive oil with the chilli flakes

until the meat has browned.

Add the wine and cook until the alcohol has evapourated.

If you don’t cook with wine use some of the pasta water or chicken or vegetable stock to release

the meat caramelisation off the bottom of your frying pan.

Add the roasted tomatoes (or freshly cut tomatoes), the roasting juices, rosemary

and squeeze the sweet roasted

garlic out of each clove into the pan and stir it all together well.

As soon as your pasta is tender – drain and put straight into your frying pan –

add the ricotta cheese, ripped basil and give the lot a good stir to cover all of the Rigatoni

with sauce. It’s a good idea to keep a small jug of the pasta water to add to your pasta

if you find it a bit dry.

Adding some pasta water has a lot less calories than adding more olive oil

to loosen up your pasta.

Serve with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese and loads of steaming hot ciabatta bread and butter.

Warning: This dish is not the ‘prettiest’ looking plate of pasta that you will clap eyes on.

But I promise you a real taste fest – it is absolutely delicious and it’s a real ‘man pleaser’ for some reason.

I think that is due to the sausage meat! Who knows …?

You could South African-ise this recipe I believe – using a nice spicy boerewors or lamb sausage with

local herbs such as Morogo would be great I think. I shall give this a go and report back.

I served this pasta to family & friends on Sunday – so there was no time for styling pictures.

Dessert was a Chocolate Orange & Nut Puff Pastry – the only pic I have is this as it

also got gobbled up rather quickly!!

This dessert was an adaptation of my Fig, Honey & Walnuts baked in Phyllo Pastry.

Click on this picture to be taken to that recipe.

Chat again on Friday

As always

Buon Appetito and




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