Sapori Chapter 2 .. The Breakfast Club

Breakfast should be so great as to put a big smile on your face for the dday!

This week’s chapter in Sapori, my virtual cook book, is devoted to my all-time favourite meal of the day and that’s good old breakfast. I have a tiny inkling that perhaps my adoration of this meal is somewhat motivated by the bubbles in an ice cold bottle of Pongracz, Krone or Asti Spumante ……..ya think? With spring in the air and summer on the way, this is the ideal time of year to invite good mates over for an early morning degustation of eggs and champagne.

Not a birthday, public holiday or celebration of any description goes past in la casa Tripepi without a breakfast. Trickyricky just loves having his boys together with a hearty breakfast at the table.

Word Cup 2011 starts next Friday – so breakfasts are going to be the best way to get together and support our awesome Bokke. South Africa would smile from ear to ear should the Bokke raise that Webb Ellis Trophy for the third time!!!! I have some awesome Office Picnic ideas for your next week – so keep an eye out for some supporter grub!


Chapter 2

The Breakfast Club

click on the recipe name to be taken to the recipe and a step by step

guide to preparing the dish …. easy as!

Get a bit Fruity!

A Seasonal Fruit Platter with Mauritian Cardamom Tea & Star Anise Syrup …

A juicy fresh platter of mango, watermelon and pineapple

with a Cardamom & Star Anise Tea Syrup to dunk them into!

Bibs required!

Morning Glory!

Eggs Fiorentina

Poached Eggs nestled on a bed of Bacon and garlic infused Spinach,

topped with a tangy Hollandaise Sauce, and served on a toasted English muffin.

Tattie Scones with Poached Duck Eggs & Parmesan Butter

A taste of the Scotland – Grannies Tattie Scones

Served with a poached Duck Egg and drenched with a little Italian Parmesan butter.

Huevos Rotos

How about a little Spicy Spanish in bed?

Diced Potatoes crisped in the pan with chilli and thyme, topped with poached eggs,

crispy Parma Ham and a drizzle of chilli oil.

MoVida non?

The Crown Jewels

Poached eggs on toasted Ciabatta, cushioned on throne of Smoked Scottish Salmon, cloaked in Hollandaise Sauce with a crown of Salmon Caviar. A royal triumph on a plate with a glass of champagne is a performance enhancer par excellence!

Jerseyliscious Cheese Basil & Ratatouille Omelette

A classic French style omelette, quivering with cheesy creaminess

and bursting with the tangy flavour of fresh basil and spicy ratatouille.

Known in la casa Tripepi as the “Big-ass Omelette”.

Boudoir Games

WARNING: It’s Gonna Get Messy

A romantic collection of sexy little spoonful’s of afro-dizziacs to feed to your lover

between the sheets or in a rose petal bubble bath – food is LOVE!

….. Adults only!

Shhhhh …. Hangover Busters!

for those morning when one needs to get ones feet back on the ground!

Italian Bunny Ciao!

Hangover! This will banish the collywobbles clean away …

A crusty roll oozing with bubbling hot cheese, your choice of either diced pancetta,

bacon, chorizo or salami …

you want chilli then throw some in with the egg ………

runny very runny!

French Onion Soup

The French traditionally soak up the ‘joie de vivre’ enjoyed at

a wedding reception with a good bowl of this authentic French

Soup a l’onion for breakfast the following morning …..

You have to eat it to believe it!!

C’est vraiment magnifique!

Cheesy Mushroom & Prawn Muffins

Fluffy decadent Cheesy Muffins studded with spicy prawns, fresh basil

and mushrooms.

Seasonal Attractions ….. coming soon to this virtual cook book!

Christmas in Italia

Uovo Battuto with Pandoro

Eater in Italia



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Your virtual cook book!

Here is the link to Chapter 1 in Sapori

Chapter one is jam packed full of Italian recipe ideas :

12 Italian Pasta recipes, Mains recipes & Dessert recipes.

Penne Arrabiata

Planning a special meal ….. click here to do your

menu planning …… Italian of Course!

Veal Marsala – veal stuffed with ham, mushrooms

and Mozarella Cheese.

As always

Have a wonderful weekend

Buon Appetito




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