Sapori … Dinner Party Menu Planner

Welcome to ‘Sapori” my Virtual Italian Restaurant / Cook Book …. This is a unique ‘Weightless’ eating experience darlings, order whatever you wish and as many portions as your heart desires because you won’t gain any weight!

If you are planning a dinner party or looking for something a little Italiano for dinner with your loved one – simply select your dish below and you will be taken to the relevant recipe. Mix and match, invite your ‘besties’ over, crank up the Andrea Bocelli and celebrate life ….. Don’t forget the vino though!

I know that you can look up recipes on the search function on my blog or any blog for that matter, but I have a bad habit of naming my posts completely, absurdly, totally misleadingly e.g. Broken Noses and Chicken and Prawn Spicy Paella! This is NOT GOING TO MAKE FOR EASY REFERENCING!

After reading Jane-Anne Hobbs’ article on recipe writing (Do yourself a huge favour and click on the link and go and have a read … sage advice.) I have realised that I need to pay a lot of attention to ‘some’ details on my blog ie. Titles and measurements! I have trouble finding my OWN recipes on my blog ha ha …

Simply click on the title of the dish you want to make to reveal the recipe and method.


Linguine Alfredo

Ribbons of pasta smothered in a creamy garlic and mushroom sauce

Penne Arrabiata

Short pasta sweating it out in a bath of mind blowing chilli tomato & basil sauce

Spaghetti alla Siciliana

A Southern Italian Speciality, a moulded pasta cake made from spaghetti

with a bolognaise saiuce & peas … worthy of special celebration –

crack out the sparklers!

Pasta al Forno

Layers of pasta, cheese and tomato & Brinjal sauce oozing all over your plate.-

Ideal to serve at a Poker Game.

Spaghetti Meata Balls

The perfect dish for lovers to share ….. Lady & The Tramp food.


Osso Bucco with Risotto alla Milanese

Veal shin slow roasted in a rich tomato sauce on a bed of Saffron

and parmesan Risotto ……

Scallopine Di Vitello al Marsala

Veal escalope stuffed with mushrooms, ham & Mozzarella cheese in

a Marsala Wine sauce.

Spicy Chicken & Prawn Paella

A flavour sensation of Spicy chicken & Prawns cooked in saffron

blushed paella – this is a one dish meal – ideal for a group of hungry campers.

Chilli Ginger Prawns with Riso Saporito

Finger licking juicy prawns prepared with chilli and ginger

Served with a traditional Italian savoury rice.


Figs, Honey & Walnut Chocolate Phylo Parcels

Decadent hot little baked parcels of figs & walnuts oozing with honey…

Bibs required

Amaretto Semi-Freddo

Italian ice cream oozing with Amaretto liqueur and crunch

Amaretti biscuits …

Tiramisu – Coffee & Liqueur drenched fingers with a creamy topping

Crank up the opera – Nessun dorma ….. No one sleeps after this

Italian Classic hit of espresso & cream drenched sensation.

Congratulations to Adam on winning Masterchef Australia and congratulations to Callum for coming second – he is an outstanding you chap who is going to achieve great heights me thinks!!!

Next Friday I will post my Asian Cook Book …

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I need to think of a fabulous

title …. any ideas?

Have a wonderful weekend all.

As always

Buon Appetito




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