Weekend Special: Pucka Indian Crab Curry!

Crab Curry Recipe

I am such a city girl … unashamedly so too – I love my new boots and can’t survive without my lipstick and mascara. I make no bones about this either. I have just wandered my way into the rabbit house … net result … I need to sort my mascara out. I don’t like seeing these chubby little fellas in cages. They twitch their little furry noses at you – their ears prick up and flop down and they welcome a scratch. I know I know … this is a farm and its taboo to name the animals.


Last night I nearly had a heart attack …. It’s chilly but we opened a small window behind the couch to get a whoosh of fresh air for a few minutes. There I was all tucked up with some blankies, fire licking the logs, sipping at a nice hot cup of spicy chai teal – when a cow (the gate had been left open) stuck its head through the window to have a look. They have big heads and curiosity got the better of him ….. he had beautiful eyes though. In the early morning when it’s really really cold and there is dew all around and the cows do a poo …. The steam rises up from it! I want to jump into that nice warm poo and warm my feet ….. but I don’t.  Cows are just so calm … i really like them.


Back in Durban – I am always so happy to get home. My doggies have nearly worn away their charcoal blobs (noses) sniffing my clothing which must be impregnated with the scent of Carols dogs, cows, sheep, pigs, ducks, chickens, rabbits and emu’s. It is my intention to go back to Underberg soon …. The peace and quiet there is rather infectious. Happy to be home – happppppppppppy to be with hubby – house and my dalmations.


Here is the crab curry recipe that I promised you – another uber delicious recipe from Durban born Sheila Somers’ cook book, Indian Entertainment Cookery.  Mitzi tells me that she uses some of Sheila Somers’ sweet meat recipes … I look forward to Diwali every year for those pretty boxes of sweet treats.



 Sheila Somers


Crab Curry





Serves 4-6 people






6 medium crabs – we used small soft shell crabs – and they were nice and meaty.

1 x 70g tin tomato paste

3 medium tomatoes blanched and pureed



2 green chillies slit

10ml ginger/ garlic paste

75ml ghee or oil

2,5ml freshly milled black pepper

25ml seafood curry powder – this you can either make or get from you local spice shop eg. Gorimas or Osmans

10ml tamarind pulp mixed in 375ml hot water and strained

1 large onion sliced

1 sprig curry leaf



10ml lemon juice

Salt to taste


Whole spices


2,5ml mustard seeds

1,25ml fennel seeds

2,5ml cumin seeds

Pinch of Tymol (ajawin)




37,5ml chopped coriander leaves

12,5ml spring onions chopped

2,5ml garam masala





Twist off legs, claws and pincers from crab. Place the crab on its back and using both your hands firmly pull the body away from the shell. Remove the stomach sac and the grey feathered gills. Rinse the body well and cut into 4 pieces. Reserve legs for stock.



Heat ghee or oil in a heavy based saucepan

Add whole spices, when the sputtering stops add onions, chillies and ginger/garlic paste.

Fry till onions are golden then add curry powder and curry leaf, stir then add tomatoes and paste.



Cover and cook on a low heat till sauce thickens



Add crab meat and seasoning

Bring heat to high and stir-fry for 8-10 minutes until moisture has evapourated



Add tamarind water and lemon juice



Cover partially and cook on medium heat for 25-30 minutes, until crab meat is enveloped in rich thick sauce.

Sprinkle with garam masala. Garnish with spring onions and coriander leaves. Serve on a cold day with steaming yellow rice and salads.





And this is a sign of a craby curry that was savoured – crab is one of those dishes you need to

get down and dirty with – roll up your sleeves – serviettes or bibs are compulsory as you

suck and wrestle every last bit of crab meat out of it’s

hiding place!!  Ooooh I love crab!





Have a wonderful weekend 

 I have a Magical Moroccan dish for your for Meatfree Monday!!



Putting our feet up before cooking the curry!


Perhaps you are not in the mood for crab –

so here is the link to my luscious Lamb Knuckle Curry known as Lamb Rogan Josh –

serviettes and bibs again me thinks!!


Click on this picture to be taken to my recipe and step by step

guide to Luscious Lamb Rogan Josh Curry.





I hope that you get to put your feet up & relax this weekend!!!

With someone special xxxx




The Lesotho Mountains at Dusk!


As always

Buon Appetito




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