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Bling bling peanut butter centred Vanilla Cupcakes with Peanut butter icing, almond praling, caramel squares and fairy dust.

A Royal Cupcake Recipe

Vanilla Cupcake with a Peanut Butter centre crowned with Peanut Butter icing, shards of Almond Praline, Caramel fudge Squares and Dusted with edible glitter – for a bit of bling!!! Sounds like a cupcake fit for a Royal to me. The minute you go on diet – you start craving food that you would not […]

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Moroccan Spiced Spinach and Chick Peas in Tomato

Last Monday I posted my Moroccan Magic Carpet Stack of roasted red and yellow peppers with roasted brinjals – all dribbled with spicy yoghurt and pistachio nuts. As promised, this is the second dish that I served during my Moroccan meal – chick peas with spinach. The combination of spices results in the dish having […]

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Italian Sausage and Borlotti Bean Pie Recipe

Sausage and Bean Pie Recipe. This week has not been the greatest in terms of our diet. I guess after 6 weeks of ‘being good’ … we really needed some carb-hip-loading-lisciousness, warm the heart and feed the soul food. It’s been cold and all I could think about was a pie. I managed to resist […]

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Calamari & Chicken Pasta Sauce on Linguine

Calamari , Chicken Sauce and Fresh Rosa Tomato Pasta Sauce and A Frittata with the left overs.

Some days, my hubby shocks the living daylights out of me! Riccardo Tripepi is an Italian – he is an Italian, Italian. He loves ALL things Italian; supports Ferrari, Italian Food, Italian Fashion, Italian Architecture, Italian Art, flag, soccer, coffee, music, hunna… hunna… hunna …. Yakkedy yak! Catch my drift? Basically, he could be described […]

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Moroccan Grilled Brinjal and Red Pepper Stack with Yoghurt and Pistachio Topping Recipe

I tried to put this recipe up for Meat Free Monday last week but I was on the farm with Carol and life just wouldn’t stand aside for an hour or two to allow me the time to do this. The beautiful Underberg landscape is dotted with so many little jewels. This slice of African […]

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Huevos Rotos

Huevos Rotos Recipe … a Spanish Breakfast.

Why not start this Father’s Day weekend off with Breakfast in Bed ….. set the scene for a weekend that says Thank You with every man’s favourite – Food!!! I returned from Underberg with fresh eggs from Carol’s farm. I was totally unaware of the fact that there are different types of chickens and Carol […]

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Italian Luganega Sausage with Potatoes

Italian Luganega Sausages cooked with Potatoes.

I really don’t like being cold – the Universe in its infinite wisdom made sure that, although I was born in the Northern Hemisphere, I was relocated to the Southern Hemisphere by the time I was ten. I love Africa completely and consider myself an African. It would seem that my lifeline includes a world […]

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A Savoury Italian Birthday Cake

Spaghetti alla Siciliana … an Italian Savoury Birthday Cake

  My legs and heart turn to jelly when I hear about the birth of a baby; it’s a combination of sheer terror and absolute adoration of little new-born babies. Our little Jessica – baby girl of fellow blogger Shaz has finally arrived. She was born by Caesarean section on 17 May, weighed in at […]

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Crab Curry Recipe

Weekend Special: Pucka Indian Crab Curry!

I am such a city girl … unashamedly so too – I love my new boots and can’t survive without my lipstick and mascara. I make no bones about this either. I have just wandered my way into the rabbit house … net result … I need to sort my mascara out. I don’t like […]

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Prawn Curry

Perfect Prawn Curry …… the Colour of Autumn Leaves and the Crunch of the Forest Floor …

  Brrr …. We are all freezing our Madumbi’s off aren’t we ….. My boday is already lusting after the warmth of summer.   Here in Underberg the sun has popped over the horizon, it 7.30am and 3degrees …. I just wonder how our brothers and sisters in the informal settlements stay warm. Coming from Durbs […]

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