Jerseyliscious Cheese Basil and Ratatouille Omelette for Meatfree Monday


From the River Glen Cheesery in Underberg

My goodness have we been having such fun! Seeing as a good

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walk every day is a vital component in my weight loss programme – we have been marching around Kenmo Lake in Himeville as often as possible. The silence and beauty of the place is only broken by the sounds of your feet as you march over the blanket of bone dry leaves. The blue skies and sunshine hug some warmth into your bones when the temperature is around 0 – 6 degrees!

Its meat-free Monday and the chickens have very kindly gifted us with fresh eggs every morning! Oh and we have Bantam babies … just two, and although you are not supposed to name farm animals, they have been named William and Kate. We visited The Cheesery at River Glen farm in Underberg. After playing with some beautiful calves – my goodness do they have the longest eyelashes – we witnessed ‘Les Girls’ lining up to be milked. Cows are such beautiful creatures – filled with curiosity and always the willing recipients of a good scratch around the neck. Lizzie – who was next in the queue to be milked was intrigued by my camera and stood back so I could get a great shot of her.

We watched Les Girls waddling into the milking shed with pendulous udders in dire need of emptying. The look of relief was evident on their faces as they moved out to return to their pastures. Unfortunately the cheese making ladies, who all giggled as I took photos of them, had finished their cheese making for the day. The cheese maturing room is packed from floor to ceiling with huge multi coloured rounds of beautiful cheese.

The Luscious Lizzie

and her beautiful baby!

This is natural cheese – their individually named Jersey cows are happy and healthy and very much cherished by the family on the farm. River Glen cheese has no preservatives, no colourants and no animal rennet is used in the production of this premium product. There is a lot of love going around this small cheesery that hugs the banks of the UMzimkhulu River and it comes through in the incredible tasting cheeses. The Old Underberg cheese is mind blowing as is their mature Gouda. Hence, our beautiful omelettes made with freshly laid eggs from Carols chickens, Old Underberg Cheese and homemade organic ratatouille from Carols veggie garden/ kitchen.

Now, I hardly need to wax lyrical about my omelette recipe. I have only three criteria for an omelette – the eggs must be fresh, the omelette should be light and the finished omelette really must be ‘baveuse’ as Michelle Roux so rightly puts it. I am sharing some pictures that capture the exquisite beauty and textures of Underberg and surrounding areas.

To make two omelettes take five eggs and lightly beat them with about 100ml of skim milk or water.

Melt a good knob of butter in your pan – pour in half of the egg mixture and season the omelette with salt, pepper and some paprika.

Bring the sides of the omelette in and tilt your pan until the runny egg has filled the space left by bringing the side in.

Top with 100g of strong cheese – i used Old Underberg cheese from River glen and a few basil leaves

Add the ratatouille or your choice of filling (chilli, baby tomatoes, fried onion, cream cheese etc.) and

when the omelette is just starting to get some colour underneath, turn it out onto your plate.

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As always

Buon Appetito and keep warm.



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