I am BACK with a capital B …….

Ohhhh oh oh oh my ailing Madumbi’s ….. I am BACK!!!! I am sooo excited that I am shaking. With the help of Adele from 20fourlabs it would appear that I may now upload pics again!!!! I have had a lucky rabbit’s foot (sorry Bugs Bunny) sticky taped to my forehead – I have been chanting incantations to the Blog Etherial Goddesses every hour on the hour – every morning I have been getting out of the Eastern facing side of my bed; which has entailed me climbing over some wrought iron railings – haven’t taken off my lucky knickers for a month …. maybe more!!!! I just want to sit here and type and chat and

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type some more!!!!!

My family are going to K*K themselves with happiness and too much of joyousness! LILILILILLILILILIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII – Italo-African ululation of hapiness. Let me share a little …. life without a blog is like life without colour or flavour. I once suffered a strange malady which left me “cross-eyed” (seeer-e-us) for 3 months, I kid you not. Well, let me tell you -not being able to blog has been pretty much the same ………. colourless! My desire to cook just disappeared! Poof !!!! Sparito!!!! Disparu!!!

Buuuut like most tragedies – and this one rates right up there on the top of my Richter scale – there is always an upside. Mine – I have lost 4kg’s so far on the most fabulous eating plan EVER!!!! So my food is going to be exactly the same – just lighter, leaner and condusive to reducing those saddle bags, hips and thunder thighs!!!!!

We spent a wonderful week in Mauritius and feasted on fresh Tuna that Max and Trickyricky caught – I spent last weekend doing my Maria Von Trapp impersonations up at Champagne Sports in the Drakensberg – Max has a new ladyLOVE in his life – I cooked a hip-friendly Mauritian Seduction Meal from Heaven (Trickyricky is sooooo loving this Mamma now!) – a night in Morocco ….. spice up your love life food! – I just want to cook now!! – and cook and cook and cook …… I have loads and loads of stories and adventures to share ….. here are just a few pics to whet your appetites ….

Linguine all’Aragosta – the recipe I have been trying to post since 10 April!

Air Mauritius “yummy” food on the flight to Mauritius

A little slice of Heaven!

Soup Packs in the veggie market in Port Louis!

Food with which to seduce your lover!

and just sooo much more …. I have two new cook books too!

Ah – tis good to be back!

Thank you for all your wonderful messages of encouragment!

Buon Appetito




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