Guess The Recipe No 3 ….

I do hope that you all had a
wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday.  I
certainly did – thank you again for
spoiling me my darling family! 
was given a good ‘once over’ by Mother Nature! 
After an entire day of rain everything looks all spiffy and clean and
bright and shiny today.  The Tripepi and
Hurst Families gathered en masse to celebrate the Christening of our newest
member, little Ethan Hurst.  He is a year
and a half now – so wasn’t too impressed when the priest approached with a
pitcher of Holy Water with which to bless him. 
Kudos to our little chap who dealt with the situation by clinging on to
his mum like a little Vervet monkey!  An hour
and a half later! (‘twas a bit long for a children’s mass me thinks) the whole
lot of us raced off to have a nice hot espresso’s and cappuccino’s  with croissants fresh and steaming hot from
the oven…. Ah!!!

Not long after we all tucked
into oversized portions of Rosa’s delicious Pasta al Forno which, together with
a few glasses of fabulous vino, produced huge bit satisfied smiles on everyone’s

Seeing as it’s Monday – I am
posting a meat free recipe for you to guess the name of!  This recipe is a particular favourite of mine
and I often make this around Christmas Time (hint) as the finished product is
particularly decorative!   Let’s see who gets
it right!



roasted almonds

roasted hazelnuts

dark chocolate

fresh cream

1 x
20cm plain sponge

¼ cup
icing sugar

Kahlua coffee


Cocoa Powder – for dusting just before serving!


fun guessing this one!





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