Guess The Recipe No 2 …..

Let’s see who gets this
recipe! I am still not able to upload
pics yet Grrrr … but must thank Adele from Letterdash who is trying her level
best to defeat my blog goblins. I feel
as if I am living in upper outer inner Alaska at the moment. Jeanne Horak-Druiff’s (of the award winning
blog “cooksister”) words from the first Bloggers Indaba in 2010 ring loud and
clear in my head in terms of choosing a
blogging platform. I agree with her –
but when one is starting out one really has no idea of the potential problems
that can arise when blogging.

More importantly this brings
me to another place and that is, what a privilege it is that we have blogging
platforms at all. I think that we
sometimes take for granted the huge amount of admin and technical wizardry that
goes hand in hand with blogging as a whole.
Us bloggers have a great time cooking our favourite meals –
photographing them as best as we can and ultimately feeling the pride and joy
that goes hand in hand with a deep

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sense of satisfaction when we hit the “save”
button and a few seconds later another
blog post is up for all the world to see.
Yes, things sometimes go wrong and anyone who has a computer KNOWS all
too well that they get viruses and just don’t work for no apparent reason every
now and again. This too shall pass and
this is how I choose to experience my “blogout”.

I had such a wonderful
holiday in Mauritius. Not staying in a
hotel was awesome. We hired a Villa on
the beach and found that we integrated much more with the locals and got out
far more than if one is in a resort. I
know I promised you all a tradition Mauritian recipe. Unfortunately, the ‘madame’ who cleaned our
Villa was around 60 years old and I could not for the life of me ask her to
cook for us. It would have felt most disrespectful
…. That’s just the way I was raised.

Anywhoo, we visited an
AWESOME vegetable market in Port Louis, so when my uploading problemo’s are
sorted out I will share the pictures of

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my market visit with you. They are fabulous!! I did, however, purchase the most amazing
coffee table cook book. It’s glossy and
gorgeous and is entitled Flavours & Colours of Mauritius by Richard Ekkebus
from the world famous hotel Royal Palm.
Oh Mamma Mia – is it jam packed with beautiful traditional Mauritian
food that has been raised up to Diva status.
I am planning a seduction tonight – so hubby is going to be plied with
Shrimp Rougaille and a side dish of coconut flavoured Okra frikasse!!! I shall share my pics and results just as
soon as I can!

see who guesses this one correctly!


cartons of thick fresh cream

cloves of garlic

can of anchovy fillets



wish you all a wonderful Mother’s Day that is blessed with a loving word

Or blushed
with a loving hug from your child.






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