A Guessing Game …. Name the Recipe !

We are South Africans and when life hands you lemons what
do you do?? You make Margarita’s!   Load
shedding is a concept we are totally ‘au fait’ with and as a resilient nation
when the lights go out we come to the party and celebrate.  Out comes those hurricane lamps, candles are
lit and the population increases significantly exactly nine months later.  When the Tripepi’s are plunged into darkness
they fire up the gas braai and haul out the 30 Seconds.  So, in the spirit of all this – until my blog
is released from the clutches of darkness (Letterdash are working day and night to fix it thankfully!) I shall play a game with all of you ………

I shall list the ingredients for a recipe and you must
guess the name of said recipe.  I shall
see if I can scrounge a gift voucher out

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of Kalahari.net and the winner shall
be the person who gets the most correct answers.  I am sure that there is a great new cook book
that you want …… so good luck and here goes ….



garlic cloves

Tbs pine kernels, toasted

fresh basil leaves

Tbs Pecorino or Parmesan grated

300ml extra-virgin olive oil

pinch of salt


is an easy one!




ps: Congratulations to Prince William and Kate (soon to be … Princess what-ever).

Cucumber & Salmon Sandwiches – with a twist, for lunch today!

Gotta dash – need to dig out the good china!



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