Our Road Trip to Riebeek Kasteel and Paternoster.

Fishing Boats at Paternoster.

Oh the joys of a girls weekend. I am dragging my damaged liver in a back pack behind me

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and my eyes are dangling at the end of their overstretched stalks somewhere around my waist as I am severely sleep deprived. We set off early on Friday morning to KWV to partake of a little brandy tasting …. and arrived too late! So after kind of arranging our own private tasting (ask me no questions and I ‘tell-a’ you no lies!) we roared off to Twee Jongen Gezellen to taste some of their famous Krone Champers – oops sorry! Methode Cap Classique. Again! We were too late!! Not the best time keepers on the planet apparently. However the tasting lady at Krone was just fabulous and sooo obliging – we left (quite a while later) having to lug cases of the good stuff as C said it was compulsory for a road trip and full of vitality giving bubbles.

There was only one way not to miss our next stop – and that was to cancel it – hit the road, crank up the music and just go wherever the wind blew us! A few wine and olive farms later we rolled into Riebeek Kasteel for lunch at Het Vloks Restaurant – I think! – CLOSED! If my memory serves me correctly we didn’t actually eat anything but our stolen goods. It’s a tradition to have a mission on the go on our girls’ weekends – it adds that irresistible nuance of danger whilst having a bit of fun.

Our mission was – that we would each have to steal a bunch of grapes which were so abundant as to pendulously drag the poor outstretched arms of all of the fruit laden vines almost to the ground. So somewhere along the line – K, our dedicated (allegedly the most responsible one of the three of us) driver nicked a weeny little puny bunch of Shiraz grapes. C – fearing that she would be ‘the last one’ to rise to the challenge (as she was constantly in the loo spending loads of pennies) half-inched a slightly more abundant bunch of table grapes …. Whilst I, the greedy foodie one – nicked two beautiful oversized bunches that would have satisfied a nation of reclining Caesars ……..

With our mission accomplished the box lady …. who lives in the Garmin – recalculated for the fiftieth time and took us in a complete circle . Honestly !! Quite literally within ten meters from where we set off is where she took us – to The Royal Hotel, our lodgings for the evening. I am pretty sure that it was around 45 degrees and the sun was blisteringly hot. Once checked in there was virtually a trail of clothing from the reception desk to our rooms – from which we emerged 3 seconds later in cozzies and spent the rest of the afternoon sipping many many libations in the pool. What a beautiful spot that is.

The Royal Hotel’s Stoep.

The Royal Hotel in Riebeek Kasteel is a must-visit because it’s totally fabulous! Rocky Horror’s 80’s rock ‘Time Wharp” played in my head as I mounted the front steps onto the most magnificent stoep that I have ever seen laden with colonial relics. Once you get to your room though – the music changes its tune to more of a husky Barry White number ……….. sexy chocolate and taupe décor hugs you on entering the room …….. eish! Luxurious and Lekker !!! We ate a sumptuous dinner outside by candle light and chatted for hours whilst finishing a good few bottles of wine reclining comfortably and admiring the magnificent mountainous view.

Fishermen Launching at 6am on Paternoster beach.

Without a doubt our return to Paternoster was the highlight of our trip. The Dunes Boutique Guest House, run by Gavin and Dion is a smashing spot with beautifully decorated rooms that lead right onto the white sandy beach. We dropped our luggage off in our rooms and headed straight down to Oep Vir Koep to (finally!) meet Kobus whose blog “Sardines on Toast” is such an inspiration to me.

I just love their wonderful winkel that is jam packed with awesome pickles, chutneys, jams and preserves, books, tableware, hearts of every description, salts and fabrics and bric-a-brac and butter and and …….. With our shopping done out came the vino and we ate two outstanding delicious wonderful lunches in a state of sublime happiness in the cool shade of the trees ….. Oh, I could have stayed there forever …….. taking it all in. MY word we live in the most beautiful country and it’s filled with such wonderfully interesting – vibrant people! Viva South AFrika Viva!

Life through the bottom of a wine glass!

I ate the best fillet of Springbok that I have ever eaten – it was perfectly done medium rare – soft and tender and just bursting with wonderful deep ruby meaty flavours …….. I finally tasted beautiful bokkoms (aka Harders or Mullet) on toasted home-made bread and I am in love! C fell so in-love with the calamari in a Thai style hot and sour coconut broth that she insisted on ordering it on both occasions! I cooled my body and soul with their pretty pink watermelon gazpacho from pretty pink heaven. I got to try ‘dune spinach” – a fleshy fuzzy little leaf that has a mild sage-like flavour which Kobus served with home-made pasta filled with 3 cheeses – yum! And a porcini mushroom sand amuse bouche topped with a suur-vygie .. a kind of sour figs which is sold in our Durban Indian Spice shops – in a sweet and sour curry sauce and known as bor. Oi – with tears rolling down my cheeks I could have devoured buckets of that mushroomy punchy yummy sand ….. the perfect seaside treat! Here are a few pics of some of our nonsense and Kobus’ out-of-this-world food!

Darling Kobus – thank you so very much for some really special West Coast Hospitality and your njummylicious food that makes the toes curl!

We’ll be back!!!

To K and C – Sker!!!!!!

Will be back with a Giorgio Locatelli Focaccia recipe tomorrow!

As always

Buon Appetito



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