A Valentine’s Day Seduction Meal that Requires No Cooking….. WARNING: It’s Gonna Get Messy

I was recently asked to identify Durban’s 5 Most Romantic Restaurants and write a little something about them. With a target group of 20 people – I asked 10 men and 10 women exactly the same question.   The responses were pretty bog standard with regard to the winning restaurant but what I wasn’t prepared for was the men’s responses. The girls rattled off the top five within 10 seconds whereas the GUYS were still giving me THEIR detailed versions of romance and venues and purchases and and and 10 MINUTES later ……. Their top choice of venue (apart from a silk clad four poster bed in a chateau in France, was a picnic in various locations. The scene was meticulously set by ‘Messrs Romantic’ right down to the chocolate truffles and champagne …. Which, WAS ACTUALLY champagne and they KNEW IT! I just love the men of this millennium.


I love the bachelors that ask me to blog certain recipes every now and again – and quite a few of Max and Daniele’s mates will proudly refer to their version of one of my recipes. One thing’s for sure we do have a generation of young people – who have either a mum or a housekeeper that prepares most of their meals. If you are not keen on joining the bifty fillion other lovers out for a romantic dinner in a restaurant, or you don’t have oodles of cash to splash on a meal or if you really want to impress your lover with a romantic bedroom picnic read on ….


Fear not kitchen-challenged persons of the world. Fear not persons who don’t know how to turn the stove on and Fear no longer those that don’t know the difference between sauté and sortie….. for the luuuuuuurv doctor, Dr Jan is going to steer you through the preparation of the sexiest little numbers that are guaranteed to have him or her quivering from head to toe. This is food to not only GET your lover in the mood – this is food to celebrate and play with the mood.


You will not even need to turn the kettle on to prepare this food – all that you will need to prepare any one of these little devils, is a chopping board and knife, a bowl and a spoon  …….. this is what I would confidently call – jackpot food that carries a WARNING  …You had best be ready for a lurrrrrrrv fest and it’s gonna get fabulously messy! Your lover is literally gonna be on his or her knees and eating out of your hands. Follow these easy steps and it’s a given – lurv with be in the perfumed air!!!


Firstly, it’s vital to set the scene. Invite your paramour over for a Valentine’s Day dinner at around 8pm. The scene should be set for love. Lighting should be low and seductive – lamp and candle light only. Scented candles – especially one scented with vanilla set a fragrant tone to the evening.   Be bathed, dressed and perfumed – for no one wants to make love with a foul smelling pole cat! Bubble bath – candles dotted around all of the strategic areas of your passion pit and should your budget allow for it – some rose petals for the bath and bed are a real mood enhancer.


This is a three act show,

 1 Champagne Act 1 Champagne and Amuse Bouche – Turn up the Heat!

Act 2 – Fancy a dip?

And Act 3 – Boudoir Games ………..


The Mood Enhancers!






Act 1

Turn Up The Heat!


An amuse bouche is a tantalising little taste of things to come. The Chef designs each component of the heavenly mouthful specifically to tickle the taste buds and set the scene for the meal.

Seeing as this is the beginning of the evening – the ice breaker I have chosen juicy mango with salmon and chilli to get your pulses racing. There is very little chance at this point that food is going to go anywhere else but straight in the mouth – so I have included a tiny little hit of chilli to spice you both up.







1 mango

1 slice of Norwegian salmon

2 tbls brown sugar

2Tbs soy sauce

1 lime – the juice of one lime or lemon

Sesame oil – a dash

1 red chilli (of course) de-seeded and finely chopped

1 basil leaf


Slice off one side of the mango and cut crosses into the flesh. Make the crosses quite close together because you are going to serve this on a spoon so it needs to be quite dainty.

Turn the mango inside out – and using a small knife cut off each cube of juicy mango flesh

Remove the skin of the salmon and cut into cubes – the same size as they mango cubes

Cut the chilli down the centre, remove the seeds with the back of your knife and finely chop

In a bowl mix the soy sauce, lime or lemon juice, finely chopped red chilli, sugar and sesame oil together until all of the sugar has dissolved.

Add the mango and salmon cubes to the dressing and give it all a gentle stir.

Carefully spoon a dessert spoonful onto a Chinese spoon, garnish with a thin slither of basil or some black sesame seeds and place in the refrigerator until serving.




Serve in the lounge or perhaps outside under the stars with nothing but candle light and an ice cold glass of Champagne of course!



And here is the rest of the menu – make one or two or make them all!





I will post every day this week so that by Friday you have loads of ideas for your

Seduction Meal …. no stove required!




Boudoir Games



Vive l’Amour



WARNING  …You had best be ready for a lurrrrrrrv fest and it’s gonna get fabulously messy!


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