Salmon and Prawn Sashimi Moriawase Platter

This platter is known in the casa Tripepi as the “007”! For about 10 years now – we have been following a sushi Chef around Durban. His name is Sarawat – and when Sarawat moves to a new restaurant, The Tripepi’s move with him. Knowing a good sushi chef is like knowing a good beautician or hairdresser. His sushi is as it should be – absolutely 100% uniform – beautiful and pleasing to the eye – it NEVER falls apart and tastes more than delicious. Just as the Japanese have perfected tea drinking into an art form, “Sara” as he is affectionately known in the family – has perfect the 007.

So how did a Japanese platter come to be known as the “007” you ask! Many years ago – TrickyRicky and I attended a formal dinner at a hotel on Durban’s Golden Mile. Hubby was dressed in a white dinner jacket with a black trousers and a black bow-tie! On the way home from said dinner he needed to go to the loo – and realising he was going to make it all the way home safely (Gawd!) we made a quick stop at John Dory’s in Silverton Road on the Berea. Sara burst out laughing when he saw Tricky in his formal getup and ever since that night TrickyRicky has been known as James Bond wherever Sarawat works.

Soon after this evening, TrickyRicky aka James Bond asked Sara to prepare something “different” for us to eat. We had become a bit bored with the California Rolls, Salmon Roses and Nigiri – something more authentic was requested. James and I watched entranced as Sara sprang into action and about 25 minutes he produced a platter of “sashimi” of sorts. Perfectly cut wafer thin slices of salmon, tuna and yellowtail fanned out from the centre of the round platter to resemble a flower . His deft little fingers sprinkled the garnish of impossibly uniform little matchsticks of pickled Daikon radish, cucumber and spring onion over the top. A bowl of spicy dressing – a perfect balance of sweet, sour, spicy and hot – was served with the platter. The fish is not cut as thick as sashimi that you order from the sushi bar – it’s much thinner. The combination of soft fresh wafer thin fish with the crunchiness of the cucumber, radish and spring onion all drenched in the dressing is totally sublime! James asked Sara what the name of this dish was, a slow smile spread across Sara’s face , and he answered smiling, “007!” and thus, a dish was born.

The dish varies according to what fish is on offer and I make my own version on those summer nights when it’s so hot that your brain feels like scrambled egg by the end of the day. I sometimes serve the 007 with Ceviche (click here for the ceviche recipeapologies that there are no pics – Letterdash lost all my pics from last year – BUT that should all be fixed soon! I hope! ) This dish could be loosely referred to as as Sashimi Moriawase …. But I prefer 007!


Still not eating carbs – so this fits right into my diet ……. no fats & no carbs!!!! 

I should be Sainted!!


Sashimi Moriawase also known to the Tripepi’s as a 007





The 007 Dressing


1/2 cup rice vinegar

3 Tbs of Mirin

1/2 tsp tobasco sauce (or 1 tsp of the five spice used to maked seared tuna if you have some)

1Tbs castor sugar

1tbs light soya sauce


Place all of the above in a bowl , whisk until the sugar has fully

dissolved and serve ice cold from the fridge.

Taste and adjust to your liking – some prefer it really hot so would need to increase the

tobasco content.



Cut you fish and prawns and arrange on a platter –

top with finely chopped cucumber – daikon radish and finely chopped spring onion/



This version above – i made just with cucumber, salmon and prawn.



This 007 platter included Salmon Roe.



Recently I have been using this as a salad dressing as it’s tasty and light – with no oil added.

So you could increase the above quantities – make a jar of it and keep it in your fridge.

Great on cucmber and cherry tomato salads.


As always


Buon Appetito







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