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Thai Papaya Salad - hot sweet sour and incredibly crunchy!

Thai Papaya Salad

  Eish this is such a busy and beautiful time of the year. As Durban emerges from its cloudy cocoon that we now experience in December (Global Warming is here to stay) and January bursts forth – the turquoise blue skies and huge banks of ice white clouds beckon the whole of KZN outdoors. Braaing […]

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Seared Salmon with Stir Fried Chilli Ginger Bok Choy

Seared Salmon with Stir Fried Chilli Ginger Bok Choy Recipe

This morning we are flying off to the home of the humble chopstick. Confucius found the knife and fork, fashioned from cold and noisy steel to be a form of violence and thus the gentle wooden chopstick was born to symbolise benevolence and gentleness. In China – different foods are served at different times and […]

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Pickled Daikon Radish and Cucumber Salad

Cucumber and Pickled Daikon Salad Recipe

This week I shall be featuring some fresh and zingy Eastern dishes. We have been sweltering here in the steam bath of Africa aka…… eThekwini! Our sun seems to have gone into reverse gear too … we are all staring nonplussed at the sky which is still light at 7pm. It’s Monday – so I’ll […]

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A White Wine and Creamy Garlic Mussel Pot Recipe

Seeing as I am kind of on the subject of bread of late – I must share the outcome of Carey’s recipe with you. I keep telling Cary how I have made her bread and that my lot are dilly about it – but you know what they say about the proof of the pudding! […]

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Rabbit Roasted in White Wine Recipe

I am having one of those, “life is wonderful moments this morning” … I fully realise that this is a subjective ideal. ‘Perfect’ for me today is – I have two beautiful rabbits ready and waiting to be prepared, the sun is shining, it’s early morning and the light is perfect. Tricky and I discussed […]

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Spaghetti with a Salmon and Artichoke Sauce

Spaghetti with Norwegan Salmon and Artichoke

Spaghetti served with Norwegian Salmon and Artichoke sauce.  Hubby and I had ten wonderful days – childless at home. Time out time! Time to get to know each other again!  Max and Daniele went off to Cape Town for New Year’s Eve and a holiday together. ‘Brutha’ bonding time. They are 5 years apart and […]

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Use Your Loaf …. Veggie Stuffed Loaf of Bread on the Braai ….. Pane Ripieno al Fuoco.

Oh! How many ways do I love thee …….. My husband – and indeed his whole extended Tripepi family, wouldn’t dream of throwing a piece of mouldy or spoilt bread away without first planting a kiss on it. This mostly relates to the fact that Holy Communion in church – Our Daily Bread – The […]

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Stuffed Calamari in a Tomato Sauce

There are only two rules that you need to obey when cooking calamari – Rule 1 -either you wave it over the coals for a millisecond and serve immediately or – Rule 2 – you bung it in a sauce on your stove top for hours and hours and go outside and cut the grass […]

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The Italian Hangover Cure – The Tripepi Bunny Ciao!!!

Life in the casa Tripepi takes on palest of mellow yellow over the festive season. Yes – we gather in crowds of 25 or more only because there are just so many of us – and out of the kitchen cupboards come the big mamma pots and massive serving spoons. Boiling cauldrons of at least […]

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