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Italian Tiramisu Recipe

I had a great time cooking this morning …. I cooked a frittata from the left over pasta from last night’s celebration of Dylan’s birthday. Sixteen hungry – grateful – happy mouths were stuffed full of spaghetti Pescatore and Tira Mi Su. In addition to the frittata I made a simple but comforting pot of […]

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Mince Sqaures … the easy alternative for Mince Pies

Oh boy! What a busy weekend the Tripepi’s had. Hubby and Max went fishing on Saturday which required a 4am roll call! I spent the rest of the day gathering the needful for the Christmas lunch at Sakithemba YMCA in Toti on Sunday – 6kg’s of curried beans and two shopping escapades later – Princess […]

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Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstalls Raspberry and Honey Cranachan …. Dessert in our Christmas Lunch Menu

This is the third recipe – the dessert in our Christmas lunch chosen from the recipes in Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstalls new book River Cottage everyday provided by for review. I must admit that there are a few more recipes that I just can’t resist featuring in the next two weeks. They are festive and again, […]

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Roast Pork Shoulder stuffed with all the flavours of Christmas

Stuffed Roasted De-Boned Shoulder of Pork ….. The Main Course In Our Christmas Lunch

This is dish number two – the Main course of our Christmas lunch/ dinner from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstalls new cook book River Cottage everyday. This recipe is from the “Thrifty Meat” chapter so you won’t need a second bond on your home to go and buy this cut of meat as it’s not terribly expensive. I […]

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Chilled Beetroot Soup with Spiced Yoghurt and Almonds

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstalls Chilled Beetroot and Cumin Soup with Spiced Yoghurt

When Aletta told me that I would be receiving a book from to review and that it would take a while because it was coming from the U.K. I didn’t hesitate to ask her whose cookbook I would be getting to review and she rattled off Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall! My mum always hammered home how […]

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Stuffed and Roasted Red Peppers – Mediterranean Style …

What a weekend I had – in fact the whole of the last week has been wonderfully hectic. It kicked off last Wednesday evening with a dinner at the Elangeni to meet and greet the chefs that would be featured at the Good Food & Wine Show. I spent the evening in the great company […]

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