The Good Food Wine Show Durban

Not everyone has the time to go tripping about the countryside seeking out our local food and wine producers. If you go to ONLY one show this year – the Good Food & Wine Show is a must. There is something for everyone in the family at this dynamic and comprehensive show – even the little ones can have fun cooking with Katy Ashworth from CBeebies and decorating muffins at the Nicoletta stand! This is a multi-sensory tapestry of all trends local and global in the food industry. I have been fortunate enough to attend this show twice already – and I fully intend to go back both tomorrow and Sunday just to make sure that I get to see ALL of the fab chefs both local and international.






I met most of the chefs at the Media launch at the Southern Suns Elangeni on Wednesday evening. It’s quite surreal to be standing in the Elangeni chatting to Atul Kochhar of Benares in London and Eric Lanlard of Cake Boy – Uk! They were only too happy to talk to me about the wonderful bounty that South Africa has on offer. Atul addressed the gathering and spoke about the whole issue of sustainability – which seems to be the buzz word of the moment. He did go on a tad about using ash trees (um, er, Atul – this is Africa and we chop down – mince up, cook and eat most everything around us!) as an alternative food source. I suggested that he take a trip down to the meat market in Durban to see how, the majority of the population – eat every single part of the animal – NOTHING is wasted.





This morning I had the pleasure of cooking with local girl Jane Griffiths. Jane is a fervent promoter of growing you own veggies and herbs, no matter how small your garden is. Jane pointed out that when you get your scissors out and go into your garden to cut some herbs or pick some lettuce or tomatoes – your carbon footprint is virtually zero. It’s a great way to even your “footprints” when you use items such as imported pasta and Parma ham etc. – I think she was looking at ME when she said this!! She has written two excellent books – available at the show (well worth getting them at the show – she is signing all books purchased at the show) or through – both of which are well worth having in your kitchen – Jane’s Delicious Garden –  a “how-to” book of planting and growing veggies in South Africa and Jane’s Delicious Kitchen – on harvesting, preserving and cooking said veggies! 





Get down there as soon as you can – I am posting pics of some of the hundreds of stalls. The place is buzzing – wine, whisky and beer tasting – cooking demo’s – Reza Mahammad can be found all day demonstrating with such verve, passion and vigour at the Spekko stand – I watched Sean from The World Fusion Café whip up a wonderful Thai curry – if you need any new kitchen gizmo’s you will just go crazy – cheeses – game meats – duck products – olives – olive oils – and chocolate – chocolate – chocolate – goodies – pesto’s oh I could go on for EVER…. Now all I need to is convince my hubby that I NEED a new chef’s knife, meat slicer and wine fridge ……………………. Dollaaaaaaaa???





Mega thanks to Christine Cashmore for bring this extravaganza to Durban and a to Dionne Collet and her amazing “ever smiling” team of Take Note Reputation Management for their exemplary professionalism, dedication and hard work to make this event something special to remember.


Get down to this spectacular event.


Buon appetito




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