Luscious Limone Salad Dressing and Marinade.

Luscious Lemon Honey and Mustard Salad Dressing

In summer we all (except Max of course) eat lots and lots of salads or steamed veggies with tasty dressings. The truth of the matter is that I have created a monster people. My enjoyment of cooking DOES mean that I have over-indulged the whims and fancies of all and sundry in my “Queendom”.

Tino-the-claw-Tripepi will not eat cats’ food – he vacillates between his favourites which are chicken livers – ostrich mince – finely chopped chicken breast – sushi of ANY description as long as it not on any endangered list of course and cold pizza. Max – well if you ask me he IS the missing link – alive and well and appropriately living in eThekwini, South Africa – and surviving in the concrete jungle on a diet of meat and well, more meat! Trickyricci refuses to eat coriander in anything – and generally prefers a diet of Italian-ONLY! This is the man who, when on holiday in Krabi in Thailand sought out a blerrie Italian restaurant because he NEEDED a plate of pasta. Daniele loves ALL food and cooks Italian, Thai and Chinese food as if he were making a slice of toast – so he’s easy enough but HAS preferences, which lean mostly towards Thai when it comes to salad dressing.

So why am I banging on about this you ask – what in name of all that is holy does this have to do with today’s topic? I’ll tell you –because I will need three different salad dressings on my dinner table in order to meet the “reasonable” requirements of the people eating at it! THIS is the monster that I created!

So this week I am going to share some of my salad dressing recipes – and lead up to Peri-Peri Chickens on the braai. I like to make bottles of dressing as opposed to making a dressing each time I want to dress a salad – PARTICULARLY AS I NEED THREE DIFFERENT ONES!!!! I don’t only use these as salad dressing – i use it to marindae chicken or fish or even pork – another recipe that has many different uses. I find that empty Patrone tequila bottles (hic*) make awesome salad dressing containers and why throw away such a stunning bottle. At the risk of sounding totally Martha here – do keep your glass jars etc. and re-use them. You can store loads of different things in them – basil pesto, pickles, sauces, jams, silk worms, pet crockeronchers etc ….

It’s kind on the environment!


Ok this is one that hubby WILL eat – but still he prefers Italian Dressing!!! I really like to use a lemon based dressing over rich fatty foods such as these Italian Salsice – spicy Italian sausage with plenty of fat in them to keep them nice and juicy. The lemon keeps your palate cleansed and the mustard and honey counterbalance one another very nicely.

Lemons seem to

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be the best at the moment – I bought this pocket for next to nothing recently and they are like little ‘bottles’ of lemon juice – they are ama-zing! They are so good at the moment that I am seriously thinking about buying – squeezing and freezing them for summer drinks!

400ml lemon juice

100ml good extra virgin olive oil

1tbs of crushed garlic

Fresh rosemary – leaves removed from stem and chopped finely if you like

i tend to leave them whole

Honey 200ml

3tbs Mustard – I like to used Hot English Mustard for this as it’s got plenty of kick in it

Salt & Pepper to taste

Combine all of the above ingredients and start tasting – again, your taste buds are not going to be the same as mine – taste – I would perhaps suggest – you mix the lemon juice, olive oil first and add the other ingredients one by one – to your liking.

My version below is hot and very tangy and sends your taste bud into the next dimension ……. Just how I like it!!!

Out with your funnel – and fill up your salad dressing bottle and this amount will last you for ages – you must keep it refrigerated.

You could also pour this over some nice grilled or braai’d fish or lamb or pork – it’s totally versatile. You could even marinate a baby chicken in this and bang it on the braai or in the oven ….. versatile and ver ver nice!!!!

I shall post my Thai Style Dressing/ Marinade next …

As always

Buon Appetito


PS: CONGRATULATIONS Julie on being Australia’s first Masterchef – you are such a great role model – and you have proven that great cooks exist in

humble kitchens.



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