Desperate Jan ……… Could someone please help me?

Yesterday I uploaded the pics for a beautiful post today to celebrate the Hindu Festival of Diwali this morning.  Unfortunately it would appear that not only has Letterdash lost every one of my pics from last year up till Feb this year,  but now my album is totally empty this morning.  There are not pictures at all in my album.


I have tried to be philosophical about losing an entire years work and ANY chance of having a fair crack at Blogger of the Year 2010.  I have been very nice and polite with all and sundry – begging – pleading and asking very nicely for help.  I was warned that my blog would be removed from Blogs of Note because my subject read : Photolessnessness which does not make for good Food24 headlines – I accept all of this – but, now I am faced with no pictures in my albums at all – Where have they gone? 


Please, I beg you Food24 – Media24 and Letterdash – would someone kindly take responsibility for this and sort this out – this has been going on since 27 July.  I have been given several deadlines promising that this situation be remedied – they come and they go …… 



As soon as the photographs that I loaded yesterday are returned I will post my Diwali Dish which I can only hope will be today.




I wish a Happy Diwali to my Hindu readers and May this year be filled with Prosperity and light.




I could use a little light in my life today!


Desperate Jan



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