Photolessnessness ……….

Hey guys I am sorry that I have been quieter than a kerk muis – but, I have been besieged with bloggerations!!!!  All of my beautiful photies from Jul this year back to the start of my blog have been lost in the blogishpere since July 28th !!!!  I have just been hoping that they would reappear – way sooner.  Caro and Cath assure me that they will be back – so I am sitting here very patiently – like a good girl waiting.  Kiss 


The more pics that I add now – the worse this problemo will become – but I AM GOING CRAZY – missing blogging and chatting with all of you. Unfortunately – due to “my style” of blogging which include loads of photo’s – i have used up all of my album space.  This is also getting fixed – YAYAYAYAYYYYY!!!!!!!! I have a feeling that this situation was made worse when Letterdash moved server.   AAaaaaanyway – massive thanks to Caro and Cath for championing my cause.  I shall be patient and wait until all the GO-GO’S have been blatted and i have some more space and my pics back!!!   My home was robbed and I my laptop with ALL OF MY PICS – was stolen GGGGGGRRRRR …. i have cursed those robbers so many times it will be a miracle if they still have their Gonads …… BLITHERING BASTAGES!!!!!!


I must congratulate Alida from “Simply Delicious” for a simply stunning result in the blog awards.  Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!!  Thanks to all of you who took the time to vote for me – i really appreciate it – I think there were many bleeding fingers – I shall try to do a lot better this year. 


I have some feed back – I had a wonderful meal at World Fusion Cafe – a surprise visit on my part resulted in another great meal.  It’s really great when a restaurant performs consistantly.  Things are hotting up now – end of year and all and all – got some awesome meals planned and good few recipes and meals to share – for although I have been so quiet I have not stopped cooking!!!!!  These Tripepi boys need feeding!!!  I am off to Cape Town tomorrow – a West Coast Holiday which shall include Darling and Paternoster … and who knows where ………. i look forward to sharing my foodie finds with you.


Chat Soon






Lamb Rogan Josh



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