Lettuce Pray! Airline Food Gripes and Likes!

I flew from Durban to Cape Town on wednesday. Top tip no 1 – ALWAYS ALWAYS wear your spectacles when checking your boarding times on your boarding pass. DO NOT ever ever ask the baggage check staff to give you your boarding time. As a result of this tom foolery I nearly missed my plane. To 1Time’s credit – they PHONED me on my cell phone to politely tell me that I shoud haul my dainty little a**ss – blitsvinnig to the plane because they were closing the doors. Oh my madumbi’s – I run-walked really fast – trotting occasionally – red face – perspiring out of my toenails I arrived to them closing the door!! The whole world went slo-mo on me and I did the “Chariots of Fire”dash ….. da da da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .. dad a – oh you know that music!!! I arrived looking like I had just gone 5 rounds with Mike Tyson to a sea of miffed passengers giving me the death stare! Eish!

My In-flight memoirs:

The Good news is that my tochas is now growning roots in seat 1c

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– no window view – but HEY I am on the flight. Sjoe – we are airborn and the cabin crew are fantastic. After making a thousand apologies to all and sundry I have chatted to the attendant In charge – Cheslyn Udemans and she informs me that 1time prepare their own meals and load them – in this case in Cape Town (around 4am this morning). I am flying from Durban to Cape Town. Flight 1T645.

You will remember that my last BA flight – I landed up in business class!!!! On 1time there is no business class and food can be purchased in flight from the menu on the last page of their in-flight magazine “About Time” or a food voucher can be purchased when booking flights on line. Not a bad idea!

The menu is extensive offering a choice of 1 Sandwich (R24), 3 specialty rolls (R28) , 1 wrap (R28), 2 muffins (R15) and a cheese platter (R24). A hot breakfast is served on the jnb/cpt/jnb, jnb/George, jnb/znz and dur/cpt flights departing before 9am. A wide range of snacks are available from biltong, chocolate, chips and snack (peanuts, peanuts and raisins, jelly babies, wine gums and choc chip cookies. I am really impressed with the Kiddies Pack which contains a colouring in book, crayons, a water tattoo and a packet of jellytots. Every child on board is given one to keep them occupied for a while. Mothers can be heard sighing in relief!!

I ordered one of their speciality rolls – a Ciabatta with roast chicken marg mayo lettuce (lettuce? what lettuce?) and rocket… followed by the Fairview Mini Cheese Board and a bottle of Wine Zorgvliet – Silver Myn – from Stellenbosch.

The Ciabatta – Packet opens easily. I must say that the ciabatta is not too easy on the eye but it tastes fab! The flavour of the roast chicken comes through well and the rocket – give it a nice crunch! I could have done without the chunk of gristle though! Kudo’s for actually –”almost” margerining the bread – so it has retained at least some of its moisture. The chicken was well seasoned – and enjoyable. The ciabatta is not fresh – crumbling quite a bit and i am left with a pile of the pieces that broke off in my hand.

The Fairview Cheese Board was absolutely amazing. A choice of 5 cheeses – each one better than the last -cream cheese with french onion, cream cheese with black pepper, camenbert, blue rock and havarti. Full marks for providing as many biscuits as there were cheese. The lady sitting next to me and I munched away at the platter – it’s too much for one person – and jabbered all the way to Cape Town. The cream cheese with french onion was the unanimous winner on the platter – creamy, mild onion chive flavour with a delicious fruity after-taste! This went down so well the the Zorgvliet Sauvignon Blanc. It would have been nice to have something sweet with these cheeses – perhaps Fairview could forgo the havarti and plop some preserved fruit or honey in the empty space this would create.

I must add that the seats on the 1Time flights are very comfortable and unusually spacious and I love the fact that they take a wee bit of pressure of mum’s and dad’s by giving kiddies their own 1Time FunTime pack. The inflight staff were great and I am definately off to Fairview to go and get me some of their awesome cheeses and wines.

Buon Appetito



Ps: I am inventing a fabulous starter with Fairviews Camembert cheese – i hope! I will have to

do this in the lounge or the bedroom as ALAS the kitchen – doesn’t exist at the moment!!!

This is gonna be fun!!!!

Ciao for now!


I tasted the best cheese cake that I have EVER eaten at Fairview yesterday!

My eyes rolled back in my head and the world just disappeared for a

moment or two!!!!!! Sjoe – but more about that tomorrow when i

hope i can post my cheesy camenbert starter – designed to be

easily preparable in your lounge or bedroom!!!!!


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