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Crumbed Chicken Breasts and Spaetzle.

I have had the most wonderful week with my little 9 year old niece – Jade.  Spending time with her, I am reminded of the wonder of childhood. Her sparkling mind and eyes have illuminated my home and her eagerness to cook with me has been so inspiring. Jade is adept in the kitchen – […]

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Greek Style Roast Leg of Lamb with Pastina cooked in the Meat juices!

Tuesday 17 August:  Well, the kitchen/bathroom saga continues – we have bathroom tiles – a toilet and shower, we have some kitchen cupboards (shells only) and slowly but surely it’s all taking shape. We are not at the point of getting excited yet – but hope springs eternal. Hubby has returned to Durban – we […]

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Zucchotto filled with bubbling Camembert, Apricot,Almond & Thyme butter.

Camembert Zuccotto Recipe

  Daniele has lived in Cape Town for four years now- but as he has been a student on a limited budget, Wine Tasting had never been within his financial reach. His alcoholic bevvie of choice was certainly not wine. With the option of staying at home with all the banging and crashing last week […]

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Panini 101

Italian Panini Making 101.

  Bang bang bang bang BANG BAAAAAAAAANG – I have failed you my fellow bloggers!! The sound of the workmen banging and crashing inside my bathroom, kitchen and HEAD ….. I could stand NO MORE! I was 8 Compral down by around 09am yesterday. There is only so much that this koekie can cope with! […]

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Lettuce Pray! Airline Food Gripes and Likes!

I flew from Durban to Cape Town on wednesday. Top tip no 1 – ALWAYS ALWAYS wear your spectacles when checking your boarding times on your boarding pass. DO NOT ever ever ask the baggage check staff to give you your boarding time. As a result of this tom foolery I nearly missed my plane. […]

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Thai Peanut Chicken Satay, Egg Fried Rice and Coconut Rice Pudding!

It’s been a busy weekend in glorious KZN. With temperatures soaring, mother sun shone down on us all weekend leaving a pink glow on whatever she touched. The men all humba-buggered off to throw their money at race horses and I was left alone at home. You would have thought that two models were preparing […]

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