Tagliatelle Alfredo ……. Comrades Marathon Carbo Loading

I know the whole world and every single ‘Sarf Afrikan’ is going soccer crazy at the moment.  You cannot go anywhere without flags, vuvzelas  and such being waved in your face and I LOVE IT!!!   But, let’s just take a wee moment to show our support and pay tribute to  those brave souls aka the  Comrades Marathon Runners.  The 20 000 strong field of dedicated entrants will run, walk and in some cases crawl the 89.28km to the finish line from Pietermaritzburg City Hall this Sunday 30 May at 05hrs30.  You have got to love these “staatmakers” for they show us how it’s done. 


I wonder if Vic Clapham had any idea of the legacy he was creating on the 24 May 1921 when he and 33 others set off from Pmb City Hall for Durban for the very first Comrades Marathon.  (click here for the official Comrades Marathon Website)  Vic battled the League of Comrades of The Great War for permission to hold the first race like a true sportsman and trooper .  His logic was priceless, he felt that if a country could yank a “sedentary person” off the street, shove a rifle in his hands and a 60lb pack on his back and march him all over Africa under the harshest of conditions – then it would be safe for a trained athlete to attempt such a marathon. 


I am posting this “special” tagliatelle Alfredo “a la Tripepi” recipe in honour of the super athletes that will be needing a few extra carbs to get them all the way from Pietermaritzburg to Durban on Sunday. I need carbs just thinking about it!


As always remember that if you make lots – and have a good bowl of pasta left at the end of the meal – store it in the fridge and make a frittata the next day for lunch.  You could even slice the fritatta and put it into rolls …………. fresh crusty white rolls filled with frittata are “buooooooo-no”!


Taglietelle Alfredo – A la Jan Tripepi


3 different kinds of mushrooms button, shiitake, portabella etc. large brown mushrooms

(if possible – 1 kind is fine but ….)

1 packet of smoked streaky bacon sliced

10 large cloves of garlic chopped

1 bunch of parsley finely chopped

olive oil

butter 1 large knob

lots of black pepper

1 chicken cube

lots of grated parmesan cheese

500ml  fresh cream




In a nice heavy frying pan – add the butter and a good slosh of olive oil and

fry the chopped bacon with the garlic until nice

and brown



Chop all of the mushrooms up and add 1/3 of them to the bacon

allow them to brown really well – until they are nice and dark and caramelised

on the edges – add a glass of dry white wine (or marsala wine if you like it)

and deglaze the pan – this gives you a nice deep rich earthy mushroomy

flavour to your sauce. 


Remember that this Alfredo sauce is all about the mushrooms

 – the more the better.


So add as many kinds as your pocket allows you to – or that

you can get your hands on.


Add the rest of the mushrooms and give a good stir and cook for

5 minutes. 


Add the chicken stock cube and loads of black pepper – as much as

you can possibly bear to eat in a plate of pasta.  The pepper compliments

the earthy mushroom flavour.


Now add the cream to the pan and bring to the boil

then reduce right down low for about 5 minutes.




Cook your taglietelle in a nice BIG POT of salted water at a rolling boil.


Remember that pasta needs lots and lots of water – my toes

curl at the sight of pasta choking half to death

– taking hours to cook in a little saucepan of water –





if you have a little tiny puny sad little inadequate pot of water

the starch that leeches out of the pasta into the water

will prevent your pasta from cooking!!!!


End result – pasta that is overcooked and yet still raw in the middle.


Sad Pasta!


Drain your  and add the sauce and freshly chopped

bunch of parsley and a good big large handful of

grated Parmesan cheese and a bit more


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milled black pepper.



Some hot ciabatta or crusty rolls – an ice glass of

dry white wine and Walla – pasta heaven …. oh- and you will make

it all the way to the finish line of whatever marathon you choose

to partake in.




If Taglietelle Alfredo is not “your thing” then here are a few

more carbo-rific pasta recipes to choose from.


Tuna Pasta Recipe here

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Linguine al Pollo e Pesto – Chicken & Pesto Linguine Recipe here



and many many more ….


Buon Appetito e Buona Fortuna!






PS: Should you wish me to post a particular favourite pasta recipe

please just drop me a line in the “comments” box and I

promise to do my best.


Keep Running!!!






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